Mad Verse Kasen

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • November 20, 2014


The Crazy Road Called Life

November 20, 2014


Sara Siegfried, Megan Smith & William Shepherd


the crazy road
called life

ice storm
sparkling branches
coated in glitter

roads are slick
we see headlights

a calming sensation
warms our hearts
as a familiar face reappears

the kettle of tea
on the stove

a sense of longing
pulls inside me
I stare out at the cresent moon

a long nights sleep
suddenly awaken by a loud alarm

on the road again
shifting through
every gear

a destination is ahead
mixed feelings begin

onset of a new semester
influx of emotions
as I step into my first class

move out day
bubble wrap popping

a summer breeze
blowing through my hair
surfboards atop the car

eager to arrive to uncover
what lurks in the depths

wishing well
the waxing moon

laying on the beach
wondering where it went wrong

hot sand under my feet
as I reach
for another Corona

white sand washed away
replaced with leaves

winter chills my bones
I dream of ice melting
the sweet smell of cherry blossoms

fresh cut grass
my fields of dreams awaits

home run
only hit
in the bedroom

dress on the floor, shaking
I don't wanna strike out

under the stars
I don't want this night to end
but we're running outta moonlight

long dirt road
stretching to the sunset

I can still
smell his skin
where does this journey end?

dead end in a hay field
all that's needed is a cold one

daddy waits awake
headlights in the drive
finger on the trigger

road ahead is blurry
I can't see straight

making my way
aimlessly down backroads
not ready to return home

blazing sun
tan backs wet with sweat

a long pull
from that mason jar
passing the moonshine

Sunday morning headache
with no feelings of regret

fried chicken
welcome taste
on my tongue

laughter surrounds me
I feel at peace

with a sence of refreshment
I approach the week
with great focus

Monday meeting
polyster suit . . . to tight

feeling of uneasiness
throat tightnes
will I ever blossom

surrounded by stacks of papers
where will my life take me?

• • •



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