Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen Renga • Fall 2014


from the sea we come and go


Taylor Hagerdorn, Valina Hoang, and Jonathan Rieck

November 24th, 2014


From the Sea

from the sea we come and go


writing confessions
into his skin
i think he knew, then

whispery breath
fingers, silence, him

sitting next to
the windowsill
thoughts flickering

bay window
ink blue skies see thorough me

though she be in hiding,
I rise and fall
in time with the moon's embrace

through the trees and me
the wind rushes in madness

running from troubled waters
don’t look back; look back
panting, blinded

flashback; waters
rivulets on your inked chest

being the other
not simple, but divine
making up “our” bed

found four strands of blonde
but I’m a brunette . . .

there is no truth
more painful
than unmatched clues

but why do I have to reinvent
myself to fit the mold?

you, a werewolf
and I, the moon
the unlikeliest of loves

fur on end
the sweetest of prey

your teeth
along my neck
running with ragged breath

fingers trace your veins
marks of x's and o's

blossoming bruises
only too happy to have
—skin memories

shades of blue and purple
chapters to a modern romance

dying ivy
crawls up the buildings
a gargoyle winks

even the concrete
is flirtatious

cracks in the crevices
make it okay
to have scars

filled to the brim with rain
the broken fountain

come, collect drops
—Saturn, Jupiter—
with me

the best soy latte
that I've never had

an elderly man
plays chess in the cafe
happily alone

at peace with the past,
no pawn of time

rewind the hands
of the clock,
I yearn for our past

but still the time slips
through unprepared fingers; life

wonders through phases
and seven moon

safe landing
amongst the stars

penning a letter
into the skin of his back
expressions of love

muscles rustle
under skin so soft

lavender and chamomile
soothe the tension
and neck knots

waking up next to you
a kiss despite morning breath

bed head
sheets and blossoming kisses

a message in a bottle;
[cause you are my sea]

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Written in Chicago, Champaign, and Decatur, Illinois.


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