Kasen Renga

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • November 24, 2014



November 24, 2014


Mackenzie Peck, Hailee Peck
Christina Cummins, Courtney Gallup


Happenstance Kasen


raindrops fall
in late winter
freezing on impact

ice sparkles
like thin glass

driver barely 16
hits ice
tires churning

metal bends around wood
still raindrops fall

from behind a cloud
the moon peeks out
a solitary witness

red and blue lights
give way to an orange sky

tears rolling down
racing the rain
until they both dry out

in the distance
a coyote shrieks

remnants of reality
in the midst
of a nightmare

held back by the shadows
that will always follow

a skeletal branch swings
bitter wind wraps
around dark frames

clinging to her body
a shell of what it used to be

marking the tragedy
outlined by the moon
with chalk

night fades to day
winter turns to spring

a small wooden cross
half buried by grass
a new beginning

kneeling down
arms wide open

scarred tree
fragrant white flowers
perfectly formed

lovers' initials
cut into a memory

taking life
one day
at a time

promise of a new day
forever frozen in time

birds squabble
in branches overhead
circle of life

fresh, crisp wind
drying the mourning eyes

black cotton
catches in the wind
draped across cold bodies

a premonition
of new growth

seedling reaches
towards sunlight
cemetery garden

how death begets life

spreading the love
mother nature

impossible flight
yet no one told them

afternoon sky
moon just a bit
past half full

reminiscing on memories
of those youthful eyes

wind picks up
a stolen scarf
stranger catches it

lingering still
the heavy scent of strawberries

last moments spent
underneath their tree
indulged with love

the red of berries
reflected on her lips

her scarf's savior
offers a cherry blossom
beneath the branches

he chuckles at the cooing baby
she has her mother's eyes

• • •

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This Kasen-no-renga was a joint effort, written in no particular order—we went off of what felt right.



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