Kasen Renga

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • November 24, 2014


I am Invincible


Daniel Rausch, Hunter Allen, Stewart Arp, & Cristina Cummins

November 24, 2014


I an Invincible

the ocean spray
flies with the wind
then on us

warm water
I sink into the sand

the sunlight
telling jokes

your warmth
giving me goose bumps

our togetherness
by the moon's face

continuous drive
hoping it won't end

I wonder what
she's thinking

the mouse shares
his only crumb

a pause
to say grace
before we eat

if only God
heard what I thought

nothing to hear
nothing to say

unified sound:
naptime for the triplets

the crescent moon
smiles before
the sun interrupts

five more minutes mom

bland oatmeal
starting my day
off with a bang

the school bus
more crowded than usual

the white blossoms
create waves
under the car

tidal wave
the stress of tomorrow

dripping down
my entire body
spring showers

who needs an umbrella?
bathing is overrated

the muddy boys
were easy to find

a hug and a kiss
the dog barks goodnight

a dark growl
makes the trees shiver
wolf pack

an old tree house:
laughs from inside

stories only friends
and the trees can hear

refreshing morning
a bath in the blue lake

her and I
laughing as if
we were ten again

long car ride
stretching the legs

front headlight out—
the moon
is bright enough

coming home
welcomed every time

we surrender
to the comfort
of our bed

dog at my feet
licks my toes

already cocooned
five blankets

phone call
I pretend to sleep

constant tapping
on my bedroom window
cherry blossom lullaby

neither asleep nor awake
I am invincible

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