Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2014


The Most Wonderful Time
of the Year

November 23, 2014


Erin O'Brien, Allie Wilson, Rebecca Coutcher,
Mikayla Shaw, Olivia Cuff, & Deja Finley

Christmas kasen

The Most Wonderful Time
of the Year

branches glisten white
ice storm

snow falls
on the open field

as the door opens
his ears flop
welcome home, buddy

waiting on the porch with flowers
a soldier returning home

only half there,
the moon twinkles
for loved ones

I saw mommy kissing Santa
aww . . . the innocence

twinkling lights
reflecting off of glass
fresh snow

star light, star bright
make a wish tonight

eyes filled with wonder,
he asks daddy
“is santa real?”

star on the tree
children explore underneath

desperately searching
for hoof prints
in the snow

it's not always easy
to let Santa take all the credit

children yawn
up to bed
moon rays play upon the tree

movie night filled with
laughs and hot chocolate

the family all
in the same room
yet, something missing

hearing the silver bells
away on a train they go

popcorn and cranberry strands
lead to the single blossom
peaking through the snow

all I want for X-mas
is Christ back

no worries
the eyes of an
innocent child

hakuna matata
I unwrap a stuffed Simba

not the present
I wanted
stubborn little girl

a precious gift
sleeping away in a manger

I look up to observe
the constellations
while sipping hot cocoa

I wonder if Santa will bring me
my two front teeth

Faithful friends
gather near to us
once more

trust and pixie dust
why do they listen to a cricket?

there is no
stopping now
endless months of snow

one all alone, missing its match
the other glove

dusting and digging through
the blanket of white
in the dim lit night

hard to enjoy Christmas
at my home, away from home

by the fire
newlyweds expect
bundle of joy

children play by the tree
new train set

never wanting
this joyful
day to end

a present moving around
a pink bow on a puppy

placing a cherry blossom
behind her ear
she bats her eyes and smiles

So have yourself a
Merry Little Christmas

• • •

This Christmas themed Kasen-Renga was written sitting around a Christmas tree, which put us in the Holiday spirit. We each wrote a line per page and played off each other's thoughts. The order of the author's writing is as follows:

Erin O'Brien
Allie Wilson
Rebecca Coutcher
Mikayla Shaw
Olivia Cuff
Deja Finley


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