Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Memoir of Me

Mackenzie Peck


I chose to use “Memoir of me” as my title, because I feel that my haiku are an accurate representation of who I am. Though some of the haiku are not necessarily directly based on personal experiences, they are all inspired by emotions that I have felt or things that I have experienced in some way or another. My approach to haiku writing is to weave together imagery and emotion to produce something that is meaningful to readers.  The haiku that I have chosen to include in my collection are some that I think represent my best work from the semester, and that represent my journey through the fall semester of sophomore year.

Reader's Introduction

The clarity and simplicity of one's life is illustrated immensely in Mackenzie's haiku. The writing she presents evokes a variety of feelings ranging from empathy to sadness to happiness. Her haiku represents the candid snapshots of either her life or someone else's. Mackenzie's writing leaves the reader reflecting on special moments of their own lives and also wanting to know more about what inspired her writing. Not many people can achieve the greatness, but she has the incredible ability and talent to capture the little, honest moments in life and tell a touching story in a few lines. 

~Valina Hoang

four leafed clover
and dandelion dreams
now we are six

another jogger passes
in a previous life
I must have been a tortoise

California Christmas
the orange tree
draped in lights

coastal highway
a fruit stand
five miles later . . . another

we twirl
through the doubt

he says
she scoffs

tossed away
like the petal I tore off
he loves me not


being myself
don't you judge me
don't you dare judge me

greying hair and smiles
baggage claim
home at last

Odinson and a hammer
in the New Mexico desert

strawberry milkshakes
and daring adventures

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