Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Mikayla Shaw

The Most Wonderful Time
of the Year

A Day Worth Remembering

Mikayla Shaw

Introduction: This is a collection of some of my favorite haiku that I have written this semester. These are haiku that have a special place in my heart. Most have been centered on certain memories that have impacted my life in one way or another. Events that have helped shape me to who I am today. The reasoning for the title A Day Worth Remembering is because I believe that little things happen each day that are important to shaping and creating ourselves as a person. Some of the days that these haiku are based on were not the happiest but I look back at them and continue to realize just how far I have come in life.


Mikayla Shaw is a James Millikin Scholar who is studying Communication with emphasis in Public Relations and Event Planning. She is a junior who has not taken a haiku class before but enjoyed learning all of the history and practices of haiku this semester with Dr. Brooks! She would like to thank all of her classmates and Dr. Brooks for making her last seminar a fun learning experience!

date, get married, children, 
why. I am excited to 
just discover who I am

watching the stars
realizing that somewhere 
someone loves me 

but the bruises 
scream louder

weeping willow 
dry your tears
keep him in your heart

a child lays
in a bed of rose petals

behind the mask
no one sees

a shadow
searching for
the boy it left behind

for Peter Pan


three tummy rubs
no more no less
or I bite you

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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