Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Natalie Zelman

Roseliep's Haiku:
the Art of Creation

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Captain's Log

Black Canvas


Natalie Zelman

Writing haiku can sometimes be difficult, but when the right inspiration is found, it can be the most natural thing in the world. A lot of my haiku are inspired by my own experiences. I write about the little things, the small moments in my life—whether it be wondering how a blue sock found its way up on top of the doorframe or taking note of my own sobriety at a family dinner. I get inspiration from beloved stories and songs, from memories and feelings, and that inspiration is what has given me some of my best haiku—the haiku that I have put together in this collection.







the old soldier sings
to the crescent moon

spring wedding
a lonely woman
picks up the rice

Sunday morning
perched on the doorframe
one blue sock

winter oranges
bits of peel
stuck under fingernails

clicking mouses and tapping keys

he used to play
with her long hair
new pixie cut

don't tell me
there's nothing to worry about

looking in the mirror
finally comfortable
in her his body

hands clasped
all I can do for her
is pray

bruised student
finally he tells me

"Dad got mad last night"

young woman
cowering in her car
torn dress

long hair tucked
under helm and armor
I am no man.

family card games
the only sober cousin

old men
blowing smoke rings
each one bigger than the last

almost missing him
if it wasn't for
the freedom

neighboring bunk beds
we recreate
the Creation of Adam

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.