Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Taylor Hagerdorn

Haiku on War

kasen renga:
from the sea we
come and go

sighs like wind

Taylor Hagerdorn

"Sighs like wind" is the essence of my existence. I believe that—as humans—absolutely everything we experience ties back to Nature. I try to remain one with that element, and it is my hope that these haiku reflect that. No matter where we find ourselves, even if we're in a skyscraper in Dubai or the L in London, we can always find home in our sighs like wind.

Thank you and enjoy!

Short bio

Chances are, if you're wearing a sweater and carrying a novel, Taylor will want to write lengthy poems about you. Luckily for the audience, haiku are short; Taylor struggles with keeping things simple, especially when phrasing things. However, for this class, she has tried; her attempts at condensing thoughts can be described as angsty musings, although she loathes this truth. The haiku are based in emotion and observation. She questions reality a lot, and wonders just how deeply that is conveyed in her words.

sighs like wind
leaf edges spread like hands/fingers
the woods undressing

azul sundrop
(races to horizon slowly)

grandma's sweater over hands

chicken bones
in planters

Little Child plays God after dinner

how good is
hot breath

against an ear

silent moments

curls between fingers     he
asked me

what is love

Zelda F. knew

stay in mossy backs of necks

(slow kisses//


ink under your skin and


how many watts
is that smile?,

as it warmed me,

feet in a pile of snow

in the French
house, German boots

a young woman flushes,

feeling guilt in two ways

i didn't love
her but

she kissed me anyway.

freshly morning

your long fingers on piano keys

wondering, how far is too much?

after dishes we dance to

records            boxers, sweatpants

too much

to ever feel unbroken


Yahtzee for

could probably marry you, young old man

19 &

I asked if it felt like playing House


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