Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Trista Smith

Black Canvas

Oceans Apart

Trista Smith

I have only started writing haiku this year. However, in a short period I feel like I have come into my own with haiku. The title of this collection is based on one of my very first haiku. While it was one of my first, it is one that holds a great deal of meaning to me. This collection is composed of the haiku considered the best by myself, friends, and family. My haiku are usually a personal reflection on my life or pondering the lives of others.

Reader's Intro

Trista, even from the beginning, seemed to know the very soul of haiku. She pairs together images and feelings that create not only a picture, but a story. Her haiku will make you feel a variety of emotions and evoke memories that have been dear to your heart or dreaded by your mind. I sincerely hope you enjoy remembering anything that has made your soul sigh.

~Brandi DeLeonardi

oceans apart
shallow waters
that once ran deep

open fields
empty sky
everything breathes

sunken in lungs
the dreaded words
I'm so sorry

piano keys ripple against the lake


I resemble
a newborn foal

crater on the moon
I ponder
my past mistakes

rose hips
grandma's garden
full of weeds

early morning mirror
I wash off
last night's war paint

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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