Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Valina Hoang

This City is My City

kasen renga:
from the sea we
come and go

the happened: no almosts

Valina Hoang


Reader's Introduction

Valina's haiku deal with a range of topics, from the glowing wonder of city life to the heavier nitty-gritty aspects of what it is to be human. Her writing offers insight into the realness of life and her work is loaded with honesty and emotion that leaves a lasting impact on readers. She has a unique ability to weave power into her words, and this talent is especially impressive when paired with the short length and limited number of words in haiku.

~Mackenzie Peck

track after track
searching for something

breath of Everclear
a hand on my hip
four-four beat

balance on
the sidewalk curb
wind between my fingers

hands meet my ridcage
cocoon breaks; butterfly

she hides her wounds
behind metaphors
and Valencia

woke up, dry throat
   choked on words I didn't say
the night before

That's what they call us.
   We're more than gunshots.

      a beacon of hope
that one day I'll soar as high,
      stand as tall

even if it was
only for a night,
you were still mine

awakened by the
taste of your tongue
morning coffee

real life where there are no lemons nor gold stars


unsure of what to do
         she scratches out
her dreams

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