Haiku Attempts 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015


dog days
slipping away
—covered pool

taller than me
new beginning

the dreaded question
to a sister's good news
kids soon?

desk confinement
ray of sun
beaming in

crystal clear
the waves shimmering
in the sunlight

big blue
each step I take melts
until next time . . .

closed eyes
my Grandmother's face
now only in my mind

simmering skin
flaunting a yellow polka dot bikini
on the shore

all sun and
no play

warm blankets
an impression of
your body here

waking up
a new day
inside my coffin

little sister
checkers with a teddy
left behind

the rays beating down 
slow the hands of the clock 

heavy eyes
bright lights in the room
let me stay

winding road
eyelids slow
off road

horse tail swishing
flies all over
summer ride

maniacal laughter
she aims for the small of my back
water fight

the phone vibrates
she understands completely
who needs real words?

two years of faith
one night
silence between us now

a victory dance
the lawn mower starts
on first pull

"my name is kaitlyn and,
i'm an alcoholic."
"hi kaitlyn . . ."

not enough room in the car
for me and my shoes
freshman move in day

stuff moved in
tears fill his mother’s eyes
one last hug

labeled boxes fill the
old hatchback
a father's single tear

Freshman year
I got this
Sophomore year

a quick glance
eyes meet
is there something more?

fresh paper
in the backpack—
college ruled

relaxing outside
sipping a drink
on an iron skillet

eternal hug
neither one can
say the word

for the first time
three small words,
“I love you.”

Are you there?
footsteps in the eerie shadows
must be memories

the oven door closes
beads of sweat
cascading on my face

let's rejoice
this feeling is over
gone with the wind

the bell is ringing.
laughter. movement. chaos.
the bell is ringing.

time hangs on lightly
invisible spider webs
then it falls away

tentatively, I stick in a toe
there's no way
I can dive in

swimming pool
I can tell girls from boys
without my glasses

orange and red
leaves falling all around
cool breeze



© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.