Haiku Kukai 1 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015

dog days
slipping away
—covered pool

Aundrea Marsh (2)

taller than me
new beginning

Lauren Bartel

the dreaded question
to a sister's good news
kids soon?

Derekah Williams (2)

desk confinement
ray of sun
beaming in

Alex Zalar (2)

crystal clear
the waves shimmering
in the sunlight

big blue
each step I take melts
until next time . . .

closed eyes
my Grandmother's face
now only in my mind

simmering skin
flaunting a yellow polka dot bikini
on the shore

all sun and
no play

warm blankets
an impression of
your body here

Jeffrey Davis (5)

I liked this haiku because of the feeling I got after reading it. It reminds me of sleeping next to a significant other and them leaving for a second and the warmth of their body is still there and you can see where they were laying right next to you. It could also be after someone leaves and you can almost feel them still there. I also think of someone laying in bed wishing they could be with their love. The blankets are warm but they are imagining an impression of their body right next to them. Alex

I like this haiku because I could feel it. I could feel the warmth of a blanket in a cold room. I could also feel the emptiness and loneliness of missing someone. It made me feel like I was cuddling with my boyfriend, watching a movie or something. Then for whatever reason, he had to leave so now I'm by myself with nothing to do. I also like the use of "an impression" because it gives the reader a sense of sudden and unwanted emptiness. Courtney

The moonlight weakly shines through the window. With one hand under my pillow and the other tucked into my body, I shift slightly as the weight on the bed changes. The floorboards creak with each of his steps. I can see his bare, muscular back as he continues through the doorway. With a smile on my face, I roll over. I sink into the bed, enjoying the extra warmth running along his side. I close my eyes, drinking in the smell of his cologne on the sheets. Aundrea

This was one of my favorite haiku from our first Kukai. I could imagine what the haiku was specifically talking about (laying next to your significant other, and being able to tell where they were and feeling their warmth still right after they leave), but the haiku also made me think of that feeling in a broader sense. There are certain things you do or places you go with your significant other that is special to just you two. And the haiku reminded me of that feeling when you do that thing or go to that place without them. You can feel it as if they were with you, or you can tell where they should be, but they aren’t there this time. It might not necessarily be a bad or sad thing, it’s just the feeling you get when you are wishing they are there next to you. Lauren

waking up
a new day
inside my coffin

Garrett Mayberry (4)

little sister
checkers with a teddy
left behind

Lauren Bartel

the rays beating down 
slow the hands of the clock 

heavy eyes
bright lights in the room
let me stay

winding road
eyelids slow
off road

horse tail swishing
flies all over
summer ride

Alex Zalar (2)

maniacal laughter
she aims for the small of my back
water fight

the phone vibrates
she understands completely
who needs real words?

Derekah Williams (2)

two years of faith
one night
silence between us now

Aundrea Marsh (7)

I really liked this haiku also because I can directly relate to it. I was in a long-term relationship with one of my best friends and high school sweetheart that ended within 24 hours. There was no build up to a break up, it was just sudden and now we don't talk at all. It's a little sad because I do miss my best friend at times, but I have faith that everything happens for a reason. I also like the countdown that this haiku provides with the "two, one, silence". It's very creative and perfectly describes the process of ending a long relationship. Courtney

I liked this haiku because whatever way you look at it, it is kind of heart breaking. Whether the silence is due to cheating, death, or whatever the reason, and whether the two years is with a significant other, God, or a friend, the silence cuts close. Derekah

a victory dance
the lawn mower starts
on first pull

Randy Brooks (5)

"my name is kaitlyn and,
i'm an alcoholic."
"hi kaitlyn . . ."

not enough room in the car
for me and my shoes
freshman move in day

Courtney Ginigeme (2)

stuff moved in
tears fill his mother’s eyes
one last hug

labeled boxes fill the
old hatchback
a father's single tear

Aundrea Marsh (3)

Freshman year
I got this
Sophomore year

a quick glance
eyes meet
is there something more?

Lauren Bartel (4)

fresh paper
in the backpack—
college ruled

relaxing outside
sipping a drink
on an iron skillet

eternal hug
neither one can
say the word

Lauren Bartel (7)

I like this haiku because, as I mentioned in class, this happens every time I leave to go back to school. My littlest brother holds my hand and tells me to stay and eventually after I convince him to give me a hug goodbye he doesn't want to let go. This is also the case with my mom and my dad when they are done helping me move in. Alex

This haiku simply struck me because I have known all too well the different people that these special hugs are saved for. Either it was a girlfriend from my past when we would share those hugs on a regular basis when we did not want to leave each other, or it was the memory of my mother when she gave me this hug. This was given to me by her on the day of my move in to Millikin my first semester of my Freshman year. It was a very long and emotional hug because we both knew that it would be months before I would see my family and that I would be on my own. We kept saying goodbye as per usual, but then she gave me the biggest hug and we did not say a word to each other the thirty seconds that seemed like hours. She just left with my dad crying after that. Garrett

Driving with the windows down as my mother and I pulled up to Dolson Hall at Millikin University. Her and I took all of my stuff up to the room with an optimistic enthusiasm. But once everything was set up and it was time to go, she went to hug me. I could feel tears swelling behind my eyes as I told her that I would rather walk her to the car and say goodbye there. I needed to spend every second I could with her before she had to leave and before I would end up all alone in a place I didn’t know with other kids just as scared as me. We got to the car and the air became still. We exchanged a few words and then we hugged. As she squeezed tighter, I could tell that, with each passing second, she was starting to realize just how much she was going to miss me. I reciprocated those feelings and, without a word, we let each other know how much we loved each other. It felt like the embrace lasted for way longer than it did, but that was probably because I didn’t want it to end, and neither did she. Nick

for the first time
three small words,
“I love you.”

Nicholas Scarpinato (5)

This haiku is beautiful. It feels so small but it has such a large feeling that comes with it. To me, the haikus that allow the reader to feel their own emotions and imagine whatever they feel are the best ones. This allows everyone to reminisce on their very own memory of these special words being said to them. “I love you” can come from parents, siblings, grandparents, or a significant other. My mind instantly goes back to the moment when someone said “I love you” to me for the first time, and I get that “butterfly” feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sierra

Are you there?
footsteps in the eerie shadows
must be memories

Jeffrey Davis (6)

the oven door closes
beads of sweat
cascading on my face

let's rejoice
this feeling is over
gone with the wind

the bell is ringing.
laughter. movement. chaos.
the bell is ringing.

time hangs on lightly
invisible spider webs
then it falls away

tentatively, I stick in a toe
there's no way
I can dive in

Derekah Williams (3)

This haiku reminds me of my job this summer. June was a really cold month and swim lessons in the mornings were freezing. Every kid would stick there baby toe in the water and immediately start crying. This also reminds me of when I swam and my coach would say it was time to warm up and I would feel the water and take the longest time getting my cap and goggles on because I did not want to be in the cold water. Alex

swimming pool
I can tell girls from boys
without my glasses

orange and red
leaves falling all around
cool breeze



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