Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015


lonely drive
the lit screen

a small incision
in the chest;
heartless already

my head rests
on your chest—
my favorite pillow

torn letter.
the last line reads
"I lov-"

roses, chocolate,
and scented love notes;
love stinks

her deep blue eyes
my two left feet
dancing to "Wonderful Tonight"

our first boat ride
fireworks and

our second boat ride
I missed
the exit

our footsteps
sync up
life talk on the bike trail

looking out
at the sea
waves of anger

first day of school
whole new year
to make a difference

a summer night
in Michigan
the waves gossip

lonely bedroom
my demons come
out to play

best friends;
closer than       the space between
best and friends


by myself
I laugh with the audience
on the T.V.

a good movie,
good food, and a buddy—
what's love got to do with it?

karaoke night;
here on earth while
my soul explores the galaxy

flipping stations
searching for a song
I don't, yet, know

the crack
of the bat
wakes grandpa up

soft and warm
grandma's visiting
cookies outta the oven

the band on stage
balcony kiss

deep conversation
over animal crackers and juice
"Do you wanna color with me?"

thoughts racing in my head
1 pill, 2 pill,

birds sing in the window
to Barney's notorious tune

sitting for hours
not even knowing
the song changed

lazy flames
he pulls the blanket
over them both

church blues
a child cries out for mom
who cries out to God

incense burning
super moon
fresh smoke tendrils

same album
two years
still on repeat

very attractive
G string
on my guitar

tattoo fever
counting down days
until the next

unsweet candy
to hide the sadness.
Take once daily

pound after pound
my head
beating like a drum

wedding reception
the cake looked better
on you anyway

I hear the song's introduction
and the tears well
in my eyes

six-hour car ride
me, my car, and
eight CD's

summer storm
he holds her

summer breeze
coconut thuds
into the sand

walls decorated
with ribbons—
never enough







old leather
on rusted stands
she cuts new rags

the leaves of Autumn
drown the earth
thinking of you

I love my hair
like oil loves water
I love my hair

laundry day
avoid all
college students

new clothes
make it easier to
wake up in the morning

open mic night
singing to the blonde
in the front row

one eye open
"Goodnight :)"

road trip
his favorite song sounds better
when she sings it

little ones running
in the backyard
dreaming of my future

empty hat
a starving artist
plays on the corner

crisp fall air
a field of perfect
orange pumpkins

this song
only a fraction of
what you mean to me

her feet on the dash
"Sweet Home Alabama"
blasting out of        open windows

homework jamming
my pencil hits the desk
drum solo

sometimes bored.
matching pitch
with the microwave

first kisses.
beneath the blankets
our hands clasped

summer afternoon
in my garage
we rehearse


© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.