Haiku Kukai 4 Fall Break Kukai Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015

lightning blue eyes
after I cry


the smell
of hardwood
I have returned home

Sierra Birdsell (4)

I enjoy this haiku because I can picture multiple places that feel like home to me. I can see my deer stand next to a grove of cedar trees. I can see my 3 acre backyard with the lagoon off to the side. I can see my family's old farm with oak trees lining the fences. Jeff

on clean sheets
wispy tumbleweeds
of husky hair

a movie together,
I look over . . .
everyone's asleep

Alex Zalar (4)

I like this haiku because I could very easily relate to it.  This is the epitome of my friends.  We always think it’s a good idea to watch a movie (with much convincing from me), but most of the time we can’t make it through the movie.  I fall asleep easily during movies so I know I am one of the few to blame.  When we watch scary movies, my friends always look to me for my reaction because I am easily scared.  I love scary movies, but I jump all the time.  If I don’t react to something that should have scared me, they know I more than likely fell asleep.  This haiku gave me a good mental picture of my friends and I watching a movie together.  It’s kind of nice to all fall asleep there together. Lauren

wishing I could sleep
for a few more minutes
. . . or days . . . or forever

Aundrea Marsh (6)

This simply resonated with me on the absolute most personal level. These past few weeks have been so physically and mentally exhausting for me. I have no been able to sleep soundly, eat properly, or even have time to myself because I have invested so much of it into everyone else on campus. I just want to be able to have a full day, st the very least, of absolutely nothing. No obligations whatsoever that will make me stress out about life for just one day would be perfect. I mostly just need sleep. Garrett

autumn breeze
the warm breath
that shakes the leaves

Sierra Birdsell

I chose this haiku from the Fall Break Kukai almost because of the scene it put you in the middle of alone. I love how the author personifies the breeze, and my favorite word is “warm”. It’s not a harsh wind or a bitter cold, but it’s a warm breath. It’s sort of comforting, but it definitely has a presence. The leaves feel this and react a little, and the fact that all this stuff is happening at the same time gives this haiku so much life. I can imagine being out in the woods with a t-shirt and jeans on and feeling the breeze on my face. The smell of pine and the sound of crunchy leaves rustling comforts me, and all I can think to do now is sleep, haha. Nick

history repeating itself
I become the artist
that once was

doing my sister's hair
while checking my brother’s homework
big sister's home

Courtney Ginigeme (2)

Pepsi-trailer chicken coop
driving down
forested back roads

one click to start
another to end


old friends reunite
creepy pizza man

her hands cover
her welled up eyes

Garrett Mayberry (2)

as I sit next to you
names I won’t remember
“Oh, so you’re the girlfriend?”

Lauren Bartel (4)

I like this haiku because I have been in this position multiple times, especially when I meet family. Alex

I can hear her voice
“I miss you.”
through a lit up screen

catching up
over pizza
words like toppings

Nicholas Scarpinato (5)

I really enjoyed this haiku because the wordplay is clever. It gives great imagery of 2 people talking over a pizza between them. I can almost imagine the words from their conversation falling onto the pizza like toppings. It also has a very upbeat tone to it. I can picture the setting being in a diner or at someone's house. Courtney

screaming along
to Taylor Swift
stars in the sky and in the car

Nicholas Scarpinato (2)

the streetlight
outside my window
hums me to sleep

Nicholas Scarpinato (3)

the parking lot embrace
the hug, kiss
long overdue

next episode in
10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . .
oh what the heck. play.

Lauren Bartel (4)

my parents scold me
once again
no phones at the table

orange furball
steals my heart
her squeaky meow

Jeffrey Davis (4)

sweating through
2 shirts
first practice


waking after midnight
I forgot
to turn on the heat

Aundrea Marsh (4)

step through the door
fall on the couch
give me a minute

Lauren Bartel (6)

I think everyone’s been in this place before. You return home from a very long day, and the moment you pull into the driveway, all of the exhaustion of the day hits you like a freight train. You instantly feel like your legs can’t go even a few steps more. You find the closest piece of acceptable furniture and collapse onto it. My family just knows that if I’m taking a nap that no one should touch me unless the house is on fire or someone is offering me food. Aundrea

This is hilarious just from the perspective of a college student. Going home and laying on the family couch that you spent half of the nights growing up is comforting. I lay down and start to sink in, until I find that one spot that I remember as the best. I find that spot and I can’t do anything for hours. I cannot will myself to get up until I’ve had my fix of the couch at home. Sierra

mountains of clothes
brought back to school
in neat piles

Garrett Mayberry (3)

three hours in the car
I think I like you
another kiss before we stop

Jeffrey Davis (3)

I put a sweater on
my own breath
hangs around

Garrett Mayberry

scary movie night
blonde hair
all over the place

Jeffrey Davis (4)

standing alone
against the darkness:
Red Warrior

my hand in yours
a feeling
I will never replace

Lauren Bartel (5)

I like this one because it hits close to home with me. My luck with relationships has not been the best. I still miss the feeling of my last one. Jeff

low grumbles
wet nose against my arm


Big Tex
standing tall
watching over the fairground

the bottom of my cup
isn't as pink as I thought it'd be
refill please!

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