Haiku Kukai 5 - Song Lyric Haiku Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015

trying to meet you
in the only place I can
wildest dreams

Lauren Bartel (4)

I like this haiku because I also really enjoy the song by Taylor Swift. Both the song and the haiku describe a very passionate love story. It also leaves the reader/listener to create a vivid imagination of what the moment might be like when these 2 lovers finally get to meet. Courtney

sweat drips
onto the shiny floor
Physical Education

Nicholas Scarpinato

you'll never go out of style
my dear ugg boots
white girl status

Alex Zalar (5)

abandoned shipwreck
litters the sand
I smile at everything

Aundrea Marsh (3)

under starless skies
all love must die
and fade away

Garrett Mayberry (2)

all those times
I let you in
just for you to go again

midnight darkness
my heart is racing
secret rendezvous

Lauren Bartel (4)

sunshine on the dash
gravel road dust
coats my guitar

Aundrea Marsh (7)

I like this haiku because it has really good imagery, and I like how peaceful it is. I imagine an old truck with the windows down and close to the sun setting, but not quite, and the guitar in the front seat getting coated in dust driving down the gravel road. Alex

call me

Alex Zalar (6)

I cant
get you out of my head

Courtney Ginigeme (3)

I think I like you
I think I love you

remedies in my mind
just one more dose of you
cures all

big eyes
and a bigger heart
puppy love

Nicholas Scarpinato

wear your best apology
I was there
to watch you leave

under the covers
warm and cozy

“Let’s hang out”
live a little

moon blooming in the dark
together we sail
over the horizon

Jeffrey Davis (4)

Physically, I picture a couple sailing off into the distance on a wide ocean of some sorts. The perspective is of someone standing on the beach watching them go out after the full moon that lights up the night sky. Emotionally, this haiku could just simply refer to the idea of journeying with someone into life's unknowns; what's going to happen to them in the future? Where are they going? What are they going to do once they get to wherever they're going? "Sailing" into the unknown is the ultimate test of trust, and only two true lovers could ever possibly think to be able to conquer something outrageous like that together. Nick

I know the feeling
the weight
crushing her chest

Lauren Bartel (2)

a crown of thorns
I'll keep walking
this lonely road

Jeffrey Davis (6)

holding my head
I am A Queen

Courtney Ginigeme

i love myself
I dont need anybody else
wait, what did she say?

Alex Zalar

I hardly sleep
phone beside
my aching heart

Aundrea Marsh (4)

I have been in this position multiple times as I am well aware that many other people have as well. There was a falling out or conflict of sorts and people who were talking casually earlier are now the most bitter enemies to one another. After the fight, the phones are usually next to the bed or on the pillow next to the persons head so that they can feel when it vibrates with the long awaited response to come in. Garrett

—cut me open
heart of stone
freezes all feelings

what do you mean
you tell me yes
but really mean no?

autumn leaves
falling down
all the pieces into place

Sierra Birdsell (3)

friday night lights
I think I found
a cheerleader

Courtney Ginigeme

empty diary—
will I ever
make it on a page?

Jeffrey Davis (5)

The song of influence is Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. Not only is this one of my favorite songs, but the flow of the haiku captures the song so well. We all wonder if we will make it into the story that is that one person's life. "Somethings getting in the way, somethings just about to break. I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane." We are all trying to find our purpose in the lives of other people. If the pages are all blank, is it because no one will ever make the page, or because you will never make a page? I love the way this haiku was written because you can send the longing in the second line. Aundrea

two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl:

Nicholas Scarpinato (3)

walk with her on the beach
collecting cool stones
and jealous stares

Nicholas Scarpinato (2)

ice blue eyes staring at me
soft paws
claw at my arms

Jeffrey Davis (3)

I prayed one day
you’d be mine
drop in the ocean

Aundrea Marsh (6)

snow dripping trees
shadow lover's embrace
a lovely mess

Aundrea Marsh (5)

the air
around me still
a cage

Garrett Mayberry (4)

First off, I know what song this is from. The song is "Snuff" by Slipknot. It's haunting and cold. Corey Taylor wrote it feeling depressed and trapped by feelings. I feel what he felt. I breathe in air that seems saturated with my emotions. It suffocates me and leaves me gasping. I struggle constantly with depression and feel trapped by everything and nothing at once. Jeff

bury all
your secrets
in my skin

Garrett Mayberry (2)

one look, dark room
meant just
for you

Sierra Birdsell (3)

thoughtful eyes
staring back at me

Garrett Mayberry (3)

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