Haiku Kukai 6 Thanksgiving - names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2015

mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,
cranberries, turkey, rolls, and stuffing
a Thanksgiving feast


lots of turkey
smothered with gravy
my plate isn't big enough

turkey soup, turkey casserole
turkey sandwich, turkey enchiladas...
thanksgiving leftovers

Alex Zalar (4)

meeting your father
I see you in him
sincere blue eyes

Aundrea Marsh (6)

the morning of Thanksgiving—
wondering who
will ruin the dinner

Sierra Birdsell (5)

globs of whipped cream
to sweeten
your bitter façade

Jeffrey Davis (8)

thankful for you
. . . and good food
a full heart and stomach

Aundrea Marsh (7)

a wish bone lies
between unfinished potatoes
and stuffing

black Friday?
shopping online
at the thanksgiving meal

Lauren Bartel (2)

sitting in the recliner
with a food baby
the size of mars

Sierra Birdsell (4)

the men watch football
the women go shopping
I go to sleep

Garrett Mayberry (4)

Dad and Grandpa
watch football
with a rum and coke

Garrett Mayberry (3)

walking up the hill
after turkey
                Will I make it?

Jeffrey Davis (4)

so many treats
cover the table
the inevitable food coma

tight-fitting baseball mitt
over broken fingers
               family bonding

Jeffrey Davis

I loosen my belt
trying to get through
this second plate

Nicholas Scarpinato (4)

the smell of brownies
fill the living room
thirsty for milk

she carves the turkey
humming along to
Christmas radio

third plate
a look out
of the corner of her eye



Courtney Ginigeme (6)

clear the table
unpack Christmas
from the boxes

Lauren Bartel (4)

ziplining down the hill
                  frozen cheeks
and laughter at the bottom

Jeffrey Davis (5)

“amen” doesn’t sound the same
without your voice
Thanksgiving prayer

Nicholas Scarpinato (2)

the suds overflow
the kitchen sink—
brothers reminiscing

Sierra Birdsell (4)

days run together
when the sun doesn’t shine


promising to return
for Christmas too
—hugging your mother

Aundrea Marsh (5)

Indian Summer
it’s a great morning
to be thankful

sleeping alone—
the pillow still
smells like you.

Aundrea Marsh (5)


wishing you
could stay forever
fading taillights

Aundrea Marsh (3)

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.