Global Haiku • Fall 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Courtney Ginigeme

The 5th Floor

Courtney Ginigeme

Preface: Haiku is an art of poetry that I've been able to use as an outlet for all of my emotions. Earlier this year I was hospitalized and the haiku in this collection are a direct representation of my experiences while in the hospital. I did my best to convey the emotions I felt and my overall reflection of that time period. These haiku represent some of my darkest, loneliest moments, but also reflect my personal triumphs and overall will to never give up. I hold these haikus close to my heart and I hope they inspire other as much as they have inspired me.


To the patients on the 5th floor

white walls—
i never knew being trapped
would set me free

darkness surrounds me
in an unknown place . . .
"Wanna play a game?"

thoughts racing in my head
1 pill, 2 pill,

like a shadow
she haunts my every move
who is this woman in the mirror?

summer breeze
so distant now
just like you

purple bracelet
as pretty as the flowers outside my window—

from the concrete
a flower sprouts
refusing to give up


sudden tears as
i turn the last page
what a beautiful story

hills of snow, trays of cookies
and moments of laughter . . .
Ah, there you are Christmas

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.