Global Haiku • Fall 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sierra Birdsell

through the curtains

Sierra Birdsell


“Through the curtains” is a collection of pure love and joy. I chose to put all of my haiku that were about love in this collection because they are all about the same person. There is something so special about falling in love and writing these haiku allow me to express it to others. Everyone who has ever fallen head over heels for someone can relate to these haiku, and anyone who hasn’t has those feeling and emotions to look forward to.

I chose to name this collection “through the curtains” because it creates an image for everyone. What’s coming through the curtains? It can be anything that holds significance to you. It is also a line from my favorite haiku in this collection.

Sierra Birdsell

your necklace
disappearing in your striped shirt—
our first encounter

I danced
the first night we met,
I don't dance

the frozen
window pane
I can see your fingerprints

the light reflects
the chain
on your neck

staring at the
ridges of the key
unlocking happiness

dim night
you and I
alone at the duck pond

our favorite place to eat
my fortune
points to your heart

the sunrise
through the curtains—
your curl into me

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