Global Haiku • Fall 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Caroline Lodovisi

midnight at a desk

Caroline Lodovisi

Midnight at a desk: something every writer can relate to. Whether it be writer’s block or a strike of inspiration, an author can find themselves sitting patiently in front of a computer or notebook waiting for a spark. This is what helped me name my collection. Haiku is a genre meant for everyone and shared with all, just like how all of an author’s midnights of work are eventually shared. A collection of my personal favorite haiku, Midnight at a Desk shares a medley of themes coming together as an overall reflection of my haiku experience over the last several months.

To the reader, I say enjoy.  Always feel free to share your midnight deskwork, you may be surprised by the positive feedback.

Short Bio

Caroline Lodovisi is the author of Midnight at a Desk. From Crown Point, Indiana, Caroline is a sophomore commercial music major and voice student. She also competes on the Millikin University women’s swim team and writes poetry in her free time.

midnight at a desk
taking off his glasses
to breathe deeply

a rose
opening at dusk
a full moon rises

he senses
the open flower
asks for her number

looking down
a white aisle
the rest of her life

peaceful silence—
all I can hear
is my heartbeat

blonde hair
pink laptop
where’s your starbucks?

third floor
the house ghost
follows me there


bar at Christmas
dark and warm
jazz band

dark funnel clouds
surrounding a cornfield
hail on my windshield

walking down
a dusty sidewalk:
hard-hats only

twinkling bells

late car ride
with a friend
peaceful silence

lighting candles
don’t ask
don’t tell

finders keepers
he says
with a kiss

the goddess of love
a white light
in our night sky


slowly moving
into child’s pose
her head bobbing asleep

all through November
the turkey
calls me home

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.