Global Haiku • Fall 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Matthew Vangunten

A White Mist

Matthew Vangunten

A White Mist is a collection of haiku that is mostly inspired by my experiences in the sport of swimming. My other inspiration for writing these haiku is from my family and my experiences there. A White Mist represents the white water created when swimming and my haiku make an attempt to recreate some of the feelings a swimmer has. My family has also had a large impact on my swimming and that is the reason for there being numerous haiku involving my family and those moments.

the crowd
by cool water

a white mist
thunderous roars echo
a sprint to the finish

gold medal around her neck
a nation
behind her back

just one more
I say as I eat
the entire box

the puppy
stops to explore
all of the flowers

cool creek water
at a rock

arm shaking
difficult to lift the cup
good workout

exploring the woods
the best spots

behind another door
lies another chocolate
advent calendar


around the tree
turning on the lights
for the first time

night breeze
nothing to do
I follow it

deep in the woods
the fort
up in the trees

youngest to oldest
we line up
to gather our food

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