Global Haiku • Fall 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Morgan Vogels


Everyone's Favorite Cheerleader

Morgan Vogels

Through taking a class on the art of haiku, I have learned a lot. All of my previous experiences with haiku had led me to believe in the stereotypes, especially the one that required all haiku to follow the 5-7-5 syllable scheme. I was pleasantly surprised with the creativity that was allowed when writing haiku, in comparison to what I had formerly thought was supposed to be the rules for writing haiku. Most of the haiku that I chose to write for this collection are based off of personal experiences. The experiences revolve mostly around being a college student and an athlete. I have come to love writing haiku, although I wasn't necessarily fond of it at first, because I think that it allows me to let my creative juices flow, forming just a few lines.

About the Author:

Morgan Vogels is a sophomore double major from De Pere, Wisconsin. She is studying English Writing with a Journalism Concentration and Communication. Morgan is the sports editor for the school newspaper, The Decaturian, and she is also involved with Collage and Millikin Premier Writers. She is currently a member of the women's basketball team at Millikin University.

on the road
for an away game
home at two A.M.

homework on the bus
in the dark
student athlete

the last one
in the gym

watching the ball
hit the ground
bitter silence

chilling wind
playing catch
as leaves fall

uncomfortable silence
in the gym
as the shot goes up

sitting the bench
everyone's favorite

class . . . practice
eat . . . homework . . . sleep

lacing up her old shoes
when did they
get so small?

toes in the sand
perhced under
a yellow umbrella

Christmas morning
the late sleeper
becomes an early bird

home for Thanksgiving
passing time
peeling potatoes

something so beautiful
about a handwritten note
sitting on my desk

goody two shoes
moves away
red stilettos

leaves falling
Friday night lights
welcome the boys of Fall

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