Haiku Attempts 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University

January 2015

bang at the side door
two in the morning
body tense

hot summer day
sticky face

he drifts off
as the chair rocks
with coffee in hand

wiping the mirror over
          and over again

14-hour workday
eyes drooping low
she always finds time

white chalk
cracking hands
reach for the barbell

sun going down
alone on the road
where to go from here?

chaos of toys
footsteps approach slowly
the door handle turns

sticking snow
trying to step
         in his footsteps

big, red blemishes
bronzer covers
her face

sunday morning—
sitting on the floor
passing notes under pews

new flame
undoing the scars
her warmth

a man with an aroma
holes in his coat
hands pressed together

Catholic girl
spilling secrets
a man behind the screen

mom dad me and my sister
my heart

blue extensions
her lecture
down the drain

clear blue skies above
father and son
bobber underwater

pews filled with people
a cross of ashes

thunder and lighting
argument ends

brisk winter walk
through the Christmas lights
he’s on one knee

world full of magic
bug eyes everywhere
dreams come true

set table
she prepares dinner
smiles and warmth

haiwaii in winter
no dancing
barely singing

clear summer night
tikki lights glowing
talk surrounds me

howls on the moonlight
rapid heartbeats
the field lies blank

friends drive
around the bluffs
long shadow of a deer

first day of work
beanie babies
line my desktop

a taste of honeysuckle
from my mother
too sweet

our special day
chocolate milkshakes
with grandma

honeysuckle growing
by the driveway at nana’s
eating ice cream with papa


© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.