Haiku Attempts 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2015

candle light
illuminates the room—

thumb to screen
I scroll
through the nonsense

late night job
drowsy eyes
the aroma of coffee

out of tune
her roommate’s earplugs

on memory lane
my hand
steady the casket

my side of the bed—

first day of winter—
i think about
the end of summer

stones kiss the surface
ocean breeze
a breath of serenity

he's here
on this bench
awaiting my answer

a single light bulb
on a empty stage
ghost light

blood red sky
in the distance
wheat fields dance

images of the affair
flood the brain—
tossing and turning next to him

in the kitchen—
smell of mama’s cookin
warm sugar cookies

cruising on the back roads
my hand in his—
destination unknown

cold clam chowder
the kitten’s paw prints
disappear down the hall

her hair so soft
my mother
my best friend

friday night football
smoky bonfire
small town gathering

lying in a hospital bed
her little brother—
finally comes home

cards neatly stacked
one by one
future and destiny

warm summer evening
pedaling through town
cicadas chatter

thinking about
your skin its warmth
it's everything but modest

country cruising
hair blowing in the wind

taken away by
crackling records
the man in black

hospital bed
holding a warm hand
drifting into eternity

my mother's purse:
secrets await

peering through the window
bustling city
the loneliness remains

city lights
hustle and bustle

empty wooden frame
she wonders
who’s nose he would have had

seagulls off in the distance
sand between her toes
day off

ring finger barren—
across the bar
the one

run, run, run—
this time the mistakes
can’t be outran

round bales in a line
just close enough—
     to leap

cold feet
the warmth of
fuzzy socks

yellow highlighter
only the first sentence
             is illuminated

explosions across a black canvas
colors and patterns
the grand celebration

abandoned plastic bag
her cat tail
resurrecting it

tops of toes peek above the bubbles

recess time
red light . . . yellow light . . . green light

tears down her face
red irritated eyes
ben and jerry's
heart break

falling snow
a walk in wonderland

bubbling peach pie

squeezing between shelves
tattered books
my quiet place

a toddler squirms
at the word no
          one salt lamp lick

blue and white sky
hippos and horses
battle for perspective

gust of wind
papers fly
out of the briefcase

cold white room
windows that don’t open
dreaming of freedom

wildflowers bending
in the chilly breeze
I rest in

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.