Haiku Attempts 2 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2015

candle light
illuminates the room—

Tory Hennessey (3)

This haiku made me imagine myself when I was younger and the times that it would storm. The electricity would go out and my mom would go around the house and light a candle in each room. My family and I would then proceed to run around the house trying to shoot each other with nerf guns. Those times were some of the best because we did not have anything to distract us, such as television, and we were able to spend quality time together. Lindsey


thumb to screen
I scroll
through the nonsense

Alex Dorchinecz (5)

This was instantly my favorite one from the whole sheet today. I LOVED IT! And I think it was all because of that first line! Who would have thought that “thumb to screen” would be such a perfect beginning but it really was. It put your own thumb right there on the screen and then realizing that the scrolling, the main action in the haiku was actually the nonsensical thing that was completely mundane and kind of dumb in itself. The mundane-ness of it was what made it so appealing. Jess

Today, our society relies heavily on social media to be updated with the newest fashion, the biggest celebrity fight, and who is pregnant. Social media is also away to connect with friends and family. As usual, there are disadvantages with social media, as people use it as a tool to vent about their day or to passive-aggressively discuss somebody. Although, I do participate in the use of social media, I generally find myself scrolling through all the posts, pictures, comments, etc. that I do not want to negatively affect my life. I believe this haiku can also be related to life. For example, as we grow older and interact with more people, we learn to keep the ones in our life who benefit us with their support and love. We learn to wean out the ones who don’t positively affect our life decisions. Karlee

I instantly thought about how many people these days spend so much time on their cell phones posting statuses about what they are doing or how the feel. I picture myself of an evening scrolling through Facebook and just scrolling down past all of the statuses that people post that are not really necessary. Lindsey

late night job
drowsy eyes
the aroma of coffee

out of tune
her roommate’s earplugs

on memory lane
my hand
steady the casket

Alex Dorchinecz (3)

I have lost many people close to me and just being able to connect to that moment through a haiku really brings back a lot of memories. I can almost feel the cold wood just as cold and hard as the skin. It is a deep heart felt moment. Rachel

my side of the bed—

first day of winter—
i think about
the end of summer

Simone Griffis

Going back through the haiku I feel like this should have been born. I picture the first time you step out of your house and you're hit with winters hardest. The first moment that crosses my mind is the beautiful calm of summer. This could also pertain to anything that makes you lust for the opposite. Such as sleeping in bed alone for the first time in a while after a breakup. You might well lust for the warmth of a partner. Or the opposite. Maybe someone wants to have a bed to themselves. Dalton

stones kiss the surface
ocean breeze
a breath of serenity

he's here
on this bench
awaiting my answer

Simone Griffis (5)

I really enjoyed this haiku because I took it in two ways. One way is that the guy in the haiku is waiting for her answer to his proposal to marry him. Another way I took this was that they were having a serious conversation about their relationship and where they were going and he asked a question that made her think and that silence with him waiting for her answer just hangs in the air. I love haiku that take me to two different places. Tory

a single light bulb
on an empty stage
ghost light

Anna Marie Abbate (2)

I have always admired the theater and I have even worked back stage theater. This takes me back to the nights after the seats are empty but you can almost still hear the roar of the crowd. Theaters are already filled with ghost stories but for it to be completely empty besides one light adds another depth to it. Rachel

blood red sky
in the distance
wheat fields dance

Dalton Kaufmann (3)

images of the affair
flood the brain—
tossing and turning next to him

Karlee VanDeVelde (4)

I really enjoyed this haiku by Karlee because I think everyone has been in this position at least one time before. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about an affair the man is having, but just going to bed angry at each other but neither of you can actually sleep but you both are acting like you are asleep. I like how she used “flood the brain” because when you are angry with your significant other, all that goes through your mind is your anger at them and nothing else you can think clearly on. Alex

in the kitchen—
smell of mama’s cookin
warm sugar cookies

cruising on the back roads
my hand in his—
destination unknown

Tory Hennessey (4)

cold clam chowder
the kitten’s paw prints
disappear down the hall

Jess Brooks

her hair so soft
my mother
my best friend

Simone Griffis (2)

friday night football
smoky bonfire
small town gathering

Lindsey Williams (2)

I really loved this haiku because it sums up every Friday night in the autumn. My dad is a football coach and we would always have the coaches over on the back patio after games with some beer, a bonfire, and talking. We live in a small town too so our neighbors would come join us. This haiku just took me back to those nights that I loved so much. Tory

lying in a hospital bed
her little brother—
finally comes home

Karlee VanDeVelde

cards neatly stacked
one by one
future and destiny

Rachel Ives (4)

As a senior, slowly deciding her future, I could not be more terrified. Every day a new question arises into my head about how I will manage being an adult—in the real world. This haiku gives me a reminder that every day I will pick up and new card —each with a different goal for the day. And at the end of my destiny, I will have gone through the deck of cards. Karlee

warm summer evening
pedaling through town
cicadas chatter

Lindsey Williams (2)

thinking about
your skin its warmth
it's everything but modest

country cruising
hair blowing in the wind

taken away by
crackling records
the man in black

Rachel Ives

hospital bed
holding a warm hand
drifting into eternity

Lindsey Williams (4)

This one reminds me of both of my grandfather’s actually. I still remember this from 11 years ago, I probably always will because it’s just such a traumatic experience that stays with you forever. But my one grandfather had lymphoma and he died in the hospital but I remember holding his hand when it was still warm. And then my other grandfather had complications with his main artery to his heart, or so the doctors said…. But he was as healthy as a horse and he gave up on life in the very end in his eyes there wasn’t a reason for him to fight for life anymore. I think he died from a broken heart which in a sense its true because he had complications but stress and anxiety can really hurt your body and having my grandfather live alone for ten years after my grandmother died was hard for him the love of his life was gone forever and he even told me before he died that he had lived his life, and that he had a wonderful wife he had six children and then they had children which left him with 36 grandchildren and he saw them all grow up... That was his dream. But because all of that happened he thought there wasn’t a reason to live anymore so he stopped eating after they took his gallbladder out. He got so thin and one day he just drifted off and finally met my grandma again. This is what I imagined. Anna Marie

my mother's purse:
secrets await

Alex Dorchinecz (3)

This haiku reminds me of when my sister and I were little we used to call my mom’s purse the Mary Poppins bag because you never know what could come out of it. We felt that our mom was prepared for everything and anything. I also like the way this haiku is formatted. Anna Marie

I found this kukai to be very meaningful and relatable because growing up I was always taught to never go inside my mother's purse but mainly, to never go inside any woman's purse. A woman's purse is very personal and is a sacred object that should always be respected. In my opinion, this taught me to be very responsible and cherish things that are most valuable to me. I feel that this kukai was well thought out and the student who wrote it, did so very creatively. Simone

peering through the window
bustling city
the loneliness remains

city lights
hustle and bustle

Anna Marie Abbate (2)

empty wooden frame
she wonders
who’s nose he would have had

seagulls off in the distance
sand between her toes
day off

ring finger barren—
across the bar
the one

Alex Dorchinecz

run, run, run—
this time the mistakes
can’t be outran

Karlee VanDeVelde

I believe the imagery in this haiku lies directly on the reader. It's a personal reflection haiku that makes one really think about the times when we feel like hiding something is the best choice. In turn many find that selfish but it is really as the burden of deception can bear a heavy load on the deceiver. The last line reflects that some things can't be outrun. This could mean being found out or living with constant guilt. Dalton

round bales in a line
just close enough—
     to leap

cold feet
the warmth of
fuzzy socks

Karlee VanDeVelde (2)

I really liked this haiku of Karlee’s because I think we can all relate to having cold feet and just how great of a feeling it is to slip a nice pair of cozy socks on your cold toes! I also liked how she said “fuzzy” socks not just warm socks. Fuzzy throws a whole new meaning to cold feet and a pair of socks. I also think of this poem like we talked about in class, a person becoming nervous to do something or go about a decision in which they have made. Then all they have to do is bring a warm feeling upon them, then all is well. Alex

yellow highlighter
only the first sentence
             is illuminated

explosions across a black canvas
colors and patterns
the grand celebration

abandoned plastic bag
her cat tail
resurrecting it

tops of toes peek above the bubbles

Alex Dorchinecz (4)

This one was also seriously one of my favorites from today. I had to really think about which of these two would get both of my hands to go up. But I just loved the imagery, sounds, and the giggles I pictured with this one. I think the writer probably meant for it to be referencing an adult taking a bath but I pictured a child playing in the tub with its own toes. I pictured them experimenting with how close they could get their toes to the top of the water without them poking out and I just loved the image of it. It made me smile and instantly picture the moment so I loved it. Jess

recess time
red light . . . yellow light . . . green light

Lindsey Williams (3)

tears down her face
red irritated eyes
ben and jerry's
heart break

Anna Marie Abbate (2)

When reading this kukai I felt the presence of sad emotion in two different ways. First I noticed that a woman is crying. In fact, she may even be sobbing or have been crying for quite some time because he eyes have become irritated. This is unfortunate. What else is disturbing is the fact that, it appears that she wants to consume Ben and Jerry's ice cream because when some women feel depressed, ice cream can be used as a comfort. However, the word heart break is stated, which could indicate that her relationship is just gone downhill or perhaps she is also on a diet at this time and yearns for the Ben and Jerry's ice cream but refuses to cheat on her diet. Either way, this kukai really challenged me to think in some ways and allowed students to be able to relate based on the tone it was written and the scenery. Simone

falling snow
a walk in wonderland

bubbling peach pie

Alex Dorchinecz (2)

squeezing between shelves
tattered books
my quiet place

Rachel Ives (3)

a toddler squirms
at the word no
          one salt lamp lick

Jess Brooks

blue and white sky
hippos and horses
battle for perspective

Dalton Kaufmann (3)

gust of wind
papers fly
out of the briefcase

cold white room
windows that don’t open
dreaming of freedom

Rachel Ives (2)

wildflowers bending
in the chilly breeze
I rest in

Rachel Ives (2)

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