Haiku Attempts 4

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2015

playful kitten
pawing down an ornament
his first Christmas

fall breeze
a jack o lantern grins
holding a secret

her braided pigtails
take me back
nap time

fish tank
ok snails, where have all
the guppies gone?

lure deep down
i feel a tug
at the bottom of my heart

the feathers of a duck
let the water

blisters form
toe nails break
they see the beautiful dancer

pigeon toe
my living room
can only hold three yoga mats

waiting for the storm
to pass
a rainbow appears

crying . . .
the only way to speak
when mouth is broken

wilted flowers
in the chipped vase

pot pie . . .
warming her hands
over the open crust

rain drops explode
on the dry cracked land
finally he cries

one single strand of hair
he knows
         she stopped by

yellow paint
on my cheek—

grandfather clock ticks—
in the small corner
of the room

Bible study tonight
on the way

a t-shirt over the bikini
         she tries to cover the scars

his little girl
another piercing

a dinner for four
no chatter
as they check their devices

ready to watch a movie—
then BOOM!!!
Human Giraffe gets in front

she sinks
into the bubble bath—
alone at last

a big tub
she lights up
        bubbles appear

2 A.M. bubble bath
she splashes the candles
         to go to bed

they walk the beach
hand in hand

footsteps up and down the hall
worry on their faces
a man in a white coat

pumpkin soup
with pumpkin seeds
no need to reiterate

her skin warms
under the baking sun
a summer day

thumbs moving a mile a minute
eye contact with the television
killing zombies

soft and fluffy
the warmth
of a bear

antique furniture
holds her future—
a baby girl

covers pulled up
one eye
peering above

a first date
meant for two
who's the third

skinny jeans
inserting yourself
        requires a jumping dance

one foot
the other foot,
the jean dance

the car door opened from
the outside . . . ah
chivalry isn't dead

only one tooth remains
taking ten minutes
to chew his food

twirling across the floor
he holds her
into the night

papers strewn about
homework overload—
will it ever end?

I look in the mirror preparing for the day
I disguise sorrows  

tires screech
he drives away
show off

her frayed daisy dukes
show off
        round, juicy oranges

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.