Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alex Dorchinecz

As We Kiss

Alex Dorchinecz

I have named my book "As We Kiss" because you can tell a lot about a person by their kiss, yet, many questions stand unanswered; a kiss is like my haiku because anyone can interpret them in many ways, tugging at every emotion. My work done within my book stems from experiences, thoughts, and observations; I direct my work to people who have a witty sense of humor, been in a lasting love relationships, and have an emotional side to them. I hope you all enjoy, as you will find a diverse form of haiku.

tops of toes peek above the bubbles
                                           ah . . .

thumb to screen
I scroll
through the nonsense

bubbling peach pie

a man with an aroma
holes in his coat
hands pressed together

14-hour workday
eyes drooping low
she always finds time

size double zero
the truth swirls down
the porcelain

peacefully asleep
my arm
tingling . . .

as we kiss
i taste
his lies

her tattoo playing peekaboo
on the rim
of those levis

my acrylics
     slide down
          his spine

haiku project

For my project, I wrote about poverty. My major is Human Services; therefore, we talk about poverty ALL the time and I already have many haiku waiting to come alive in my mind! I wanted to do this is my project because I don’t think people really have an idea of what it’s truly like to live in poverty.

Alex project

whiskey passes
the trash can fire


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