Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Anna Marie Abbate

Lilies of the Valley

Anna Marie Abbate

In this collection of haiku I have put together feelings, thoughts, and passions of mine from this past year 2014. These Haiku show how I've grown as an artist and just as a person. These Haiku also show what is important to me. The art of writing haiku is simple yet complex. There is so much detail in so little writing. But to be able to share these thoughts and feelings in this was is truly amazing I hope you do the same.

lilies of the valley
I smell grandma
in every flower

she lets go
three      seconds      left
the winning shot

late night shift
the aroma
of coffee

a single light bulb
on a empty stage
ghost light

classical music
the rest of the world

the feathers of a duck
let the water

blisters form
toe nails break
they see the beauty of the dancer

tires screech
he drives away
show off

hugging the shower wall
too hot! too cold!
how do you work this?

haiku project

My project was a PowerPoint of photographs of me dancing in various places around the world. It showed my passion for dance and all the positives and negatives that come with it. Dance has always been very important me but I wanted people to get an understanding of how hard it actually is through my writing. Yes! It's beautiful because you see the final product no one sees the hard heart breaking moments of someone's career or the injury I had to deal with that put me out of work, rehearsals, and my life, my passion, what people like me live for.

Anna Marie project

just with sound within

she danced
for them
never for herself

dancing to
a piece of music
the world disappears

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