Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Dalton Kaufmann

The Black Book

Dalton Kaufmann

This is a collection of Kaufmann’s best personally chosen haiku over the past week.

The goals of my haiku are to leave the reader open to interpretations that come from the imagination of the audience. My haiku have been chosen based on popularity of reviewed works, and haiku that I have found a personal connection too, based on the way they make me feel. The black book is a book of unknown, and mystery designed to connect to an audience.

a dinner for four
no chatter
as they check their devices

rain drops explode
on the dry cracked land
finally he cries

the car door opened from
the outside . . . ah—
chivalry isn't dead

long journey home
face to face
in the doorway

the train tracks halt
his gut full
of the unknown


the barbell raises
over and over—
and never enough

round bales in a line
just close enough
to leap

leaves blow past
the setting sun
my son's legs kicking

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