Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Karlee VanDeVelde

Life Experiences in Haiku

Karlee VanDeVelde

For Global Haiku Traditions, I wrote an essay on the poet Michael Dylan Welch. The most interesting fact I discovered about him was his outlook on the objective of haiku. He described haiku as a window into each individual’s life. I found this interesting as when I attempted to write haiku, I realized the object of my haiku was related to past experiences, therefore opening a window to myself. While reading my collection, you will experience a variety of feelings, whether it is sadness, happiness, uneasiness, anxiousness, or any other emotion. I believe this is unique with my haiku collection, as people do not experience life through one emotion and everybody has their own window waiting to be opened.


popping the tab
another long work week
. . . ah

car packed for school
hugs and kisses at the front door
see you soon

his little girl
another piercing

antique furniture
holds her future—
a baby girl

one foot
the other foot,
the jean dance


lying in a hospital bed
her little brother—
finally comes home

our special day
chocolate milkshakes
with grandma

Catholic girl
spilling secrets
a man behind the screen

haiku project

Because I am a nursing major, I wrote a lot of haiku about my experiences caring for loved ones, as well as patients and my experiences during nursing school into this project.

Karlee project

i won’t hurt you . . .
the nurse
has to lie

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