Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lindsey Williams

Cherished Moments

Lindsey Williams

When learning about global haiku traditions, I realized that many haiku stem from lived experiences.  Many of my haiku are about past times that I consider to be some of the most cherishable time moments in my life.

friday night football
smoky bonfire
small town gathering

hospital bed
holding a warm hand
drifting into eternity

warm summer evening
pedaling through town
cicadas chatter

red Cadillac
pulling into the drive

yellow paint
upon my cheek—


strutting through the hallway
in Grandma’s heels
clip clop clip clop

haiku project

Because I am a nursing major, I wrote a lot of haiku about my experiences caring for loved ones, as well as patients and my experiences during nursing school into this project.

Lindsey project

gently brushing his hand
she whispers—
I’m with you

call lights galore
the nurse
skips another break


cool and clammy
she reaches
for some candy

beats of the heart
travel to my ear—

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