Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Rachel Ives

A Peek Into My Life

Rachel Ives

Most of the haiku in this book relate to my life. I use the experiences I've been through for all my forms of art work including these haiku. While they may relate to my life I feel that these haiku could relate to others also. I write about real things that might not always be happy. I do this because I believe people connect through painful experiences that shape us. Please enjoy this peek into my life.

cards neatly stacked
one by one
future and destiny

cold white room
windows that don't open
dreaming of freedom

your fingers dance between mine
two souls
one love

wilted flowers
in the chipped vase

wildflowers bending
in the chilly breeze
I rest


he drifts off
as the chair rocks
with coffee in hand

cup of pills
her hands shaking
a dwindling life

with a flash of a smile
my heart
s k i p s a beat

squeezing between shelves
tattered books
my quiet place

flipping through the comics
she dreams
a hero not a princess

haiku project - sketches & haiku

Rachel project

taken away by
a crackling record
the man in black


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