Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Simone Griffis

Strong & Realistic

Simone Griffis

" Strong & Realistic" that is it. The haiku in this collection represent the idea of being strong because they each represent a deep meaning that tends to stay with the reader. They also present the idea of realism and this was done to allow readers to go into their minds and be able to reflect on how each haiku relates to them in some form. By doing this, the readers have the opportunity to maintain their focus and be excited to hear from the writer again for further works. These haiku discuss events and feelings that are common to many people and include a variety of experiences.

When reading the haiku in this collection, readers will enjoy being able to understand where the writer is coming from. They will be able to ponder for a second and say I remember going through the same thing or even being able to acknowledge that the situation could happen to anyone. What is interesting about this collection is that it consists of haiku that are strong enough to grasp the reader's attention however; the haiku do not try to manipulate the reader's opinion or perspective. This collection has been arranged so that readers will be able to find themselves in a place where they are enjoying what they are reading but are also able to reminisce about their own personal experiences.

An important idea to remember when reading these haiku is that they allow the reader to use their imaginations. Images are used, but also sound and tone which allow the reader to put themselves in the writer's position as and feel as though they are experiencing similar, if not the same encounters. The writer has definitely done an excellent job with providing a sense of creativity and variety to these haiku, making sure that the reader never gets bored and looks forward to what will happen next. Readers, will able to apply their thoughts and opinions to what is considered to be real based on how it makes them feel by impacting their body, mind and spirit.

The key to writing good haiku is to know that they do not all hold to one description. There is a sense of variety that has to be embedded in a haiku. This keeps a reader guessing and curious because they are seeking what will happen next. Also it is important to realize that although some haiku may not be intriguing to some individuals based on the sound or the type of imagery a writer chose to use does not mean that it does not appeal to someone else. When reading haiku, a person has the chance to be selective. This is because the haiku is meant to capture a person's feelings, pull them in and make them want to explore not only more haiku from that writer but the writer as a whole.

My approach to haiku in the beginning in my journey was to make sure that I understood the formatting and style at which a haiku should be written. I was patient with myself when learning about haiku because I knew that it would make my experience much more meaningful and I would never forget the significance of the course or how to write a haiku. I find that by being active in this form of art, I have been able to express myself in a way I did not know existed. In doing so, I have been able to write haiku that invite readers in and cause them to want to focus on things that they can relate to and expand their learning on encounters that they have not yet witnessed.

By writing haiku, I am able to continue expressing myself. I am able to feel a sense of freedom because I can allow someone in on my thoughts and make them want to hear what I have to say because the way it is written interest them. With my haiku, a person can reflect, be themselves, understand where the writer is coming from and eventually use the writer's voice to recreate their own voice. My haiku give a perspective is both strength and realism that lies within each and every individual and overall, that provides me with the inspiration to write haiku and express my own thoughts and feelings.

I took a pain pill—
yet, you
are still here

her hair so soft
my mother
my best friend

ready to watch a movie
then BOOM!
Human Giraffe gets in front

just for a little while
holding me tight

paw print
across a full moon
cricket chitters

lying to him—
            g from the truth
I'm actually crazy about you

first day of winter—
i think about
the end of summer

back stroking in the water
her eyes
watching God

headphones . . .
pull them a p a r t
they keep us together

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.