Global Haiku • January 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tory Hennessey

Haiku from the Heart

Tory Hennessey

This collection of my haiku is just a brief glimpse of the works I am most proud of. I write from some experiences in my life but I also let fantasy take me away. I chose these haiku because while I was writing them I was taken away to a place or a memory of mine. These haiku are a brief glimpse of my art of haiku. Enjoy!

clear summer night
tikki lights glowing
talk surrounds me

candle light
illuminates the room—

cruising on the back roads
my hand in his—
destination unknown

she sinks
into the bubble bath—
alone at last

amidst the books—
my secret world


they walk the beach
hand in hand

twirling across the floor
he holds her—
into the night

his lips on mne
he whispers

haiku project

For the haiku project I wrote haiku on the topic of travel. I’ve traveled to Italy, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I love traveling and always have the desire to travel anywhere any time.

Tory project

bags packed
beginning the journey
he was supposed to take with her

she searches for a life
she couldn’t find at home


lost in the streets
of a foreign country—
uncovering their secrets

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All rights returned to authors upon publication.