Global Haiku • January 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Rachel Asifiwe

Sadness From the Silence

Rachel Asifiwe

Haiku are short and free writing poems spread from the Japanese culture all over the world. I have never heard about haiku until I took one of the January immersion classes about haiku. I have never being a good writer about any types of poems. Therefore, I was so nervous for my first day of class.

The thing that like about haiku is that you can be inspired but anything around you, inside of you or from your life experience. A good haiku depends on the readers and how it touches their emotions or reminds them about a special event. Different author have gave different definition of a good haiku and its purpose. For me, a good haiku does not have to be too long, brief and complicated. A good haiku is emotional, short, and understandable.

I enjoyed reading all the haiku that bring a sense of wonder, emotions and romantic feelings. Haiku poems are the best poems that I have never read and enjoy to write. I decided to write about sadness and emotion because it touches everyone.

Monday afternoon
a chance of saying goodbye
in a hospice

as she walks through a small path
the sound of birds
come with judgment

in a silent room
I hear the voice
of my deceased mother

on Christmas eve
three generations surround her
she Laughs

never seen . . .
never touched . . .
my heart beats for him



after years
summer comes back
he proposes

in the school bus
a crickets sings
and everyone clap

flowing river
I see myself
in his heart

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