Global Haiku • January 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sydney Brangenberg

Surprise Soup

Sydney Brangenberg

This work is titled "Surprise Soup" because it includes a wide variety of subjects. My inspiration was anything that I saw around me, read in books, watched on TV, or heard in songs. I also asked my roommates if they could just call out random subjects which I would then write a haiku about. I did find myself drawn to the subject of relationships with a pretty even amount of those that worked and those that didn't. I love fairy tales and love stories so that is probably why I liked that subject so much and found myself writing haiku about this. I have found that if you pay attention, our world is full of wonderful surprises!

stream of moonlight
my dad's hand
as we head home

walking along
the dusty aisle . . .
which book to choose

twirling around
the ballroom
eyes meet

who could believe
that you love me?
the shoe fits

every day
the waves rolling in
Hakuna Matata

constant bickering—
who'd have thought
you'd be the one

in a crowded
bar I only hear
your voice


night out
glasses clink
sex on the beach

timer rings
tater tots

living on the edge
dessert first

pot boils over
dinner forgotten—
whipped cream trails

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