Haiku Kukai 1 Names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2016

at the zoo
little boy hides his face

the children playing
Mom sitting with a novel
on a nice spring day

blue glow
controller in my palms
I'm six again

flowering meadow
fallen trees
baby black bears playing

in the bedroom
i silently laugh
at a toddler's whine

winter wonderland
children's laughter
a snowball to my face

Kool-Aid mustache
chalky hopscotch
star wishes

castle in view
we approach on the water
the world behind

the laughter of children
skipping down the street
school's out

hot day
with kids at zoo
now milkshakes

late into the night
keyboard clicking away
slowly dozing off

morning moon
I walk to work

board flips
I storm out of the room

paddy cake, hopscotch
double dutch, rhymes
bell rings, till next time

late evening
ripples in the pond
my pole

the smell of biscuits
sink full
of pots and pans

hot and sticky
geraniums growing
in the greenhouse

steak and shake
chocolate on her face
little ones giggling

up early
hair done
nowhere to go

four wheelers
mudding through the deep creeks
boys filled with joy

in the spring breeze
I'm reminded of His presence

crunching leaves
walk to the car
to new beginnings

          dimly lit room
     Her hand touches mine
movie night

a summer night breeze
drinking remy and gin
sitting with old friends

staring out the window
tails wagging
momma is home

closet full of clothes
nothing to wear
shy . . .

spring perfume
a child smiles
her mother's scent

cabin bonfire
close friends
down by the river

zoo worker
on a bench with a skunk
she says deskunked

handprint painting
full of prayer
we are there

cold doctor's office
no heartbeat
awkward silence

brilliant pink sun ball
hazy fog
covers the beans

music on the radio
a boy questions
the meaning of death

friendly conversation
food and drinks taken care of
no tip

northern lights
dancing across the sky
baby wakes.

at the cabin
the fishy smell of the river

crouched in the hallway
a single mom cries out
beautiful woman

lightning and thunder
beef stew in the pot
the smell of the log cabin

soft moonlit night
waters subsiding
clean up time at the cabin

the curb
evening gossip
just us girls






umbrella drink
the cold water rolls
over my feet

summer night
glowing skin
firefly butts!

cliffs loom over the river
     to stop and jump
          . . . is an adrenaline rush

Sunday night
close your eyes

sweat down my brow
paddling faster
as rapids quickly approach

red and white
throw the ball
gotta catch em all

I trust you
wedding bells
I do

mom's hand
the last thing shared
banana popsicle

the perfect nightlight
for a dark room

five o'clock shadow
in the waiting room
is that a cry?

a crisp autumn night
the cowbell rings

morning surprise
trying not to wake anyone
breakfast in bed

that favorite melody
wrong time played
you again

two dribbles
crowd roars

sun setting
almost over
snuggles under cover

another page turned
another chapter read
two new beginnings

dark country roads
driving with bright lights

out for a walk
realizing I'm tricked into this
Pokemon GO

the old cat lady
yells from her porch everyday
crazy old lady

gusty winds
metal roof rolling
on a small mobile home

mountain view
within only ten minutes
a string of tail lights


waves slowly rolling in
a warm fire by our side
she sleeps in my arms

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.