Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2016


the old barn
paint chipping
still Lou's home

warm sun
the marching band plays
a familiar tune

mid-day lunch
the food court fills
with friendly conversation

the smell of honeysuckle
near the sandbox
the children play

chocolate chip cookies
so soft warm and gooey
where's the milk?

coffee at dawn
one page into a book
the children awake

the weight of the world
she tells herself
just keep swimming

new home
over the fireplace
momma's civil rights painting

the star tonight
charcoal trees

early in the morning
she counts her blessings
in the garden

blowing the cartridge
the game finally works

the smell of exhaust
the old car takes
me home

before the game
turned toward the flag
ol' red white and blue

a little tap—
a little glue—
just like new

torn canvas
the covered wagon
sits on the shelf

little red caboose
clinking down the track
I wake to a new day

Friday night
me you and son
Mickey Mouse again

      at the lake
father's favorite place

grandma's quilt
from her mother
to mine

mom's wedding diamond
given to my sister
now with my daughter

Knock Knock
who's . . .
It's Banana!

chipped and warm
I sip my coffee
from grandpa's mug

Sunday morning
coffee cup
chipped off paint

grandma's dishes
all unpacked
sitting atop my cabinets

across the river
city smoke stacks
fill the skyline

sitting on the balcony
overlooking the river
lazy morning

his footsteps I hear
the whisper of his words
oh how I miss him

the wind—
a reminder that this too
shall pass

my heart beating fast
butterflies in my stomach
we meet again

no one home
she sings out loud
dances in the kitchen

on the stoop
talking all night
porch light comes on

pop     pop     pop pop
pop pop poppoppoppoppop
pop pop    pop    pop    DING!

eighth inning, remote in hand
the game is close
I fall asleep

niece and I
still playing
with my old dolls

heart to heart
side by side
you and I

the echo of laughter
the walls
he built

in the attic
my dusty skates
become hers








barge travels
the river
eagle soars

green mossy pond
lily pads afloat
shimmering in the moon light

family night
granny's stew pot

ducking dodging
running laughing—
tag you're it

toddler whines
close your eyes
pretend you're asleep

lying in the truck bed
they stare at the night sky
shooting star

alone in the car
suddenly the stereo
is a karaoke machine

sitting in the car
after the storm

hair covered
slobber all over me
a dog lover's paradise

walking the trail
berries in her bucket
dog at her side

footsteps outside
the dog hides
in darkness

old wooden
best soup to date

coffee breath with
chipped nail polish
math teacher

cozy pajamas
hot chocolate and marshmallows
home movie

peace and quiet
finally, time
to do homework

canvas cleared
third time
a charm

brushing and flossing
a dentist appointment

a library on wheels
books and magazines
my wife's passenger seat

wake up, go to work,
cook dinner, go to bed

an old red barn
a horse
stands in the door

dead oak tree
struggles against the wind
I will never quit

branch by branch
a canvas
of trees

boss calls
my heart races
— just a meeting canceled

hoodies and hot chocolate
he pulls the red wagon
pumpkin patch

standing at the waterfall
she opens the urn
his ashes

a silent classroom
everyone glances at me
after I fart

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.