PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Bill Fields

catch light


Bill Fields

In the short exposure to the art of haiku that I have taken part of, I feel I've managed to find a style that speaks to my audience about who I am. I have found a certain amount of ease when writing on the whimsical. Objects from my childhood, experiences with my children, and those things that are considered lighthearted. I felt that a collection of my best work related to these subjects would be appropriate.

This left me with one issue—finding an fitting title and picture. I quickly came upon a photo of my youngest son, recently taken by my wife. It is an impressive photo of my son's face, focusing on his eyes and freckles. The title comes from this style of photo, known as "catchlights". I truly hope that anyone reading this collection finds as much enjoyment in reading as I have writing these haiku.

sleeping bag
suddenly the stairway
is a sledding hill


board flips
I storm out of the room

castle view
we approach on the water
the world behind


father and son day
roller coasters and rides
just the two of us

blowing the cartridge
the game finally works


warm fuzz
then music at its best
vinyl record

chocolate chip cookies
so soft warm and gooey
Where's the milk?


meeting Kylo Ren
for the first time
he punches him in the leg


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