PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Tohill

Reader Response Essay:
Masajo Suzuki's Haiku

New Beginnings

Jennifer Tohill

Haiku is an art. A form of poetry that is short and sweet, yet full of emotion. Haiku is created to generate a reader's response by expression of the author's thoughts, feelings and experiences.
I am a unique individual who has lived life and experienced a lot in a short time. I am emotional and always holding back to express emotion. Haiku has given me a form of expression. The best part is throughout my emotions and experiences I share through haiku I may be an inspiration to others and help others relate, so they feel they are not alone.

Every renga and haiku I chose is a reflection of some part of my life that made an impression or shows what I am passionate about. They are not all happy but they did make me who I am today. A growing, strong, independent single mom, student, employee, sister, friend and above all an amazing woman.

a little tap—
a little glue—
just like new


chipped and warm
I sip my coffee
from grandpa's mug

the wind—
a reminder that this too
shall pass


cold morning
warm afternoon
back to school smiles

cool rain blowing
through the bedroom windows
first day of spring


crouched in the hallway
a single mom cries out
beautiful woman

two weeks overdue
I wait
for my prince


cold and rainy
a slow drive home
sleeping baby

foamy mouth
body shaking
seizure number three



alarms are beeping
my heart is racing
for what's in tow

heavy breathing awaiting—
the next big push

crowned as my king
sweet as a blueberry
he arrives

silent cries
he lays on his mom
newborn kisses

family rejoice
celebration of new life

baby boy
snuggled in blue
mommy loves you!


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