PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sonja Chargois

Morning Sunrise

Sonja Chargois

for Adrena
with all my love

This is a collection of haiku I have written while in Global Haiku Traditions class at Millikin University in 2016. This haiku
class has been an enjoyable experience and has taught me a new form of art. Until this class I knew very little about the art form of haiku; after learning and writing haiku I can truly say I have found a new passion.

I entitled this collection Morning Sunrise, and it is my hope that the haiku in this collection will be the beginning of a new way to express myself and find new meaning to the way I see life's journey.

morning sunrise—
I wake
to possibilities of a new day


the old path
walked with grandma
overgrown with roses

new home
over the fireplace
momma's civil rights painting


on the stoop
talking all night
porch light comes on

a summer's bee
sting . . .


spilled milk
covers the floor
wounded heart

God . . .
in the spring breeze
I'm reminded of His presence


last ornament
first gift
Christmas morning

in the attic
my dusty skates
become hers


for childhood
spring mud puddles

the perfect night light
for a dark room—


sitting on the curb
summer night
us girls-gossip

. . . BOYS!
oh, Hell No!


locked in her room
all day —
broken heart

seeing red
we welcome



© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.