PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Zach Cronister



But Within a Moment

Zach Cronister

From my understanding of Haiku, it is about the author’s sense of the world around them. It includes the senses, emotions, and direct ties to the experiences one has in a lifetime. Haiku can easily resonate between author and reader, as well as have a certain meaning or point a author wants their perspective seen. In my haiku, I enjoy writing about things in my life personally as well as many things that cross my mind daily. I enjoy just finding the smallest things in life and give them meaning and more in-depth looks as to what they can truly include or do. Much of my work has a slight humor in it that everyone can sometimes relate to as well. I like to see the small things that can make everyone get a small chuckle. From the clouds to very abstract concepts I cover them all. It has been a pleasure and quite the experience by learning from Dr. Randy Brooks and I personally would like to thank him for constantly pushing me forward in this hobby I have attained.

eighth inning
the game is close
I fall asleep


preparing my fishing rod
father teaches
a fisherman’s knot

before the game
turned toward the flag
ol’ red white and blue


silent classroom
everyone glances at me
as I fart

after mowing the grass
I tilt my hat forward
dreaming of her


as we grow older

at the lake
with father’s advice


sweat down by brow
it is over now!
I need a beer . . .

the CRACK of a bat
everyone stands



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