Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2017

the sleeping beauty
two years old
Daddy's little girl

voice of an angel
sings to my soul
I rock her to sleep

the distant cricket
under the stars

to be three again
fighter jets dogfight
monster trucks

my youngest daughter
shivering in her waders
hints of light in the East

treasure trove
the clink of seashells
in a yellow pail

fading light
yellow curtains
flowing in the breeze

fog covers the ground
golden dragon shines
on the billboard

     Screaming baby!
          God help me!

moment of silence
heart pounding with fear
allowed in

lost but not forgotten
retracing my steps . . .
     these are my steps

into the darkness, I ride
knowing what lies ahead . . .
     her silent repose

needle laid down
crackle of the vinyl
vintage is new again

pepperoni pizza from Monical's
ranch dressing

eight zero eight
lottery winner
not my ticket

rain delay
two drops race
down the window pane

ever changing
reflecting pool

sweat dripping from his brow
the check won't bounce

cold December morning
aluminum hull
breaking ice

rain-streaked window
soft street light glow
Norah Jones

night's first stars
work is done
light another one

snowed in
a puppy
under the Christmas tree

sunshine is shining
white big snow

the setting sun
scouring through pumpkins
the perfect one

paved country road
Amish horses
clip clop

country road
sky blue chicory
grows in gravel

Graham Crackers on top
marshmallow in the middle
chocolate smore

me time
in my car

steady as a metronome
the swing
in the autumn breeze

on a crisp morning
plush green
barefoot through the grass

the welder strikes an arc
smoke and fire

blueprints on the desk
the puzzle unfolds
job well done

afraid of needles
I receive
my seventh tattoo

camp fire roars
just the boys
a victory celebration

acre of green grass
sitting — waiting
the ball is thrown

six seconds
between the whistles
Friday night lights

field lines painted
fresh cut grass
morning dew

crack of the bat
fireworks covering the sky
vendors yelling

ground ball to second
the outfielders
finishing their bouquet

the pool boy sweeps
in the sun










red nose and wig
big shoes
ready for the party

full moon glowing
two lovers
separate their things

train whistle
kids walking
under the stars

sun rising over trees
paperboy running
late for work

faded tie dye
two old hippies
share a joint

with blurred vision
I take
another drink

of a long neck
in a tired hand

sitting on the porch
watching the rain
fall down

bumpy dirt road
young kids
falling in love

staring into the fire
to change the

chipped paint
the abandoned house

too warm
in the sun a drowsy fly
on her tummy

dazzling morning sun
the slow wake
of her kayak

morning dew
a butterfly flitters
               to bloom

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.