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Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2017

the sleeping beauty
two years old
Daddy's little girl

Hailey Sharp

I particularly enjoyed this haiku as it reminded me of my daughter, who will be turning eight next month. It flooded me with memories of rocking her to sleep when she was littler. I found this haiku to be moving, provoking fond memories, and comforting. The first line reminds of my daughter's princess obsession. I feel that this helped to further the imagery, and provide depth. The last line punctuated the haiku by specifically identifying, and almost paying homage to, the father-daughter relationship. Thomas

voice of an angel
sings to my soul
I rock her to sleep

Thomas Friend

I really like the change up in this poem. I like that you "think" it's the mother singing to the child, but in reality it's the child sings to the mother, or father for that matter. I am not a mother yet, but I can't wait to be. I suppose in due time that will happen. I also like how sweet, and just innocent this is. There is nothing greater than a love between a parent and a child. I may not have human children yet, but I do have a four legged basset hound that has me wrapped around her finger. There isn't much, if anything I wouldn't do for that dog. Hailey

the distant cricket
under the stars

Hailey Sharp

to be three again
fighter jets dogfight
monster trucks

Thomas Friend

my youngest daughter
shivering in her waders
hints of light in the East

Sean Dial

treasure trove
the clink of seashells
in a yellow pail

Jennifer Yeakley

fading light
yellow curtains
flowing in the breeze

fog covers the ground
golden dragon shines
on the billboard

Norman Mears

     Screaming baby!
          God help me!

Thomas Friend

moment of silence
heart pounding with fear
allowed in

lost but not forgotten
retracing my steps . . .
     these are my steps

Thomas Friend

I could relate to this haiku. I have lost something at least once in my lifetime. Checking where it should be, leaving to check somewhere else, and going back to the original place is in all of us. We are programmed to leave certain items in a certain place and after not finding that item, we still return to that area. We return with hope that it has some how returned to where it is suppose to be. The author then reveals in the end, that these are the steps they take in finding that certain item that was originally lost. I liked how the wording was placed. Norman

into the darkness, I ride
knowing what lies ahead . . .
     her silent repose

needle laid down
crackle of the vinyl
vintage is new again

pepperoni pizza from Monical's
ranch dressing

Norman Mears

This is so true! I have gotten to the point where I do not like to eat any kind of pizza without Monical's French dressing. It is their staple product and I will even take it with me to other pizza restaurants. I am not a huge fan of ranch dressing so I cannot imagine eating my pizza with ranch. Nick

eight zero eight
lottery winner
not my ticket

Norman Mears

I found this haiku to be humorous, and a reflection of life for the average Joe. Somebody is always getting lucky, but never him. The first two lines build excitement, anticipation, and hope. The last line crushes any hope, and replaces it with frustration. I was able to actually picture myself in my truck with a scratch-off, finding yet another loser, and cursing myself for having wasted money on it. Thomas

rain delay
two drops race
down the window pane

Jennifer Yeakley

ever changing
reflecting pool

sweat dripping from his brow
the check won't bounce

Hailey Sharp

cold December morning
aluminum hull
breaking ice

rain-streaked window
soft street light glow
Norah Jones

Thomas Friend

night's first stars
work is done
light another one

Thomas Friend

snowed in
a puppy
under the Christmas tree

sunshine is shining
white big snow

the setting sun
scouring through pumpkins
the perfect one

Hailey Sharp

I miss the days of making the trip to the local pumpkin patch. Once my kids grew older, and I was the only one who remained in the kitchen to finish carving pumpkins, I decided to end the tradition. When they were younger, each of my four children would delight in picking out their very own pumpkin. My youngest daughter would pick the closest one that didn't look too muddy (she has never been terribly particular). My oldest son would take hours if you let him so that he could find the perfect one. Either way, the memories are so very sweet. Jennifer

paved country road
Amish horses
clip clop

country road
sky blue chicory
grows in gravel

Graham Crackers on top
marshmallow in the middle
chocolate smore

Zachary Dilbeck

me time
in my car

Nick Adams

Sometimes in life the best thing is to just have time to yourself to relax and think about life. There were many times when I enjoyed getting up in the morning and driving 40 minutes to my work. It not only allowed me to wake up by the time I was at work but it allowed me to think about life. They say that the best therapy at times is “me time”. There are very little distractions and you are able to clear your head and think about what needs to happen. Zach

steady as a metronome
the swing
in the autumn breeze

on a crisp morning
plush green
barefoot through the grass

the welder strikes an arc
smoke and fire

blueprints on the desk
the puzzle unfolds
job well done

afraid of needles
I receive
my seventh tattoo

Norman Mears

I like this Haiku because it sort of contradicts itself. The fact that someone who hates needled and is on their seventh tattoo is just interesting to me. I like that the person is afraid of the needled but is willing to accept it for the tattoo. Nick

camp fire roars
just the boys
a victory celebration

acre of green grass
sitting — waiting
the ball is thrown

six seconds
between the whistles
Friday night lights

Brandon Suwanpratest

Eight simple words to describe forty minutes of high school football. Depicting that it is on a Friday night, gives the high school football feel. Almost every town in America has at least one team. Smaller towns live, breath, and help support these nights. Some of these players are even held to a celebrity status. That status is determined on what happens on the football field between the first whistle blown, the six seconds of play, and the whistle blown to signify the end the play. Norman

I really liked this haiku for several reasons, the most obvious one being the fact that I played four years of football. This makes it very dear to my heart. Another thing I like about this one was how it gave you a timeframe with the first line. Six seconds. Your mind is racing is something happening in six seconds or is that the timeframe in which it will happen. And then, with two more lines, it paints the entire picture of the Friday night football game. Your mind fills in all the blanks of the sweat and Gatorade, the caramel apples and popcorn, the chill in the air and the smell of competitionā€¦ Sean

field lines painted
fresh cut grass
morning dew

Zachary Dilbeck

This Haiku reminds me of early Saturday mornings going out to football practice after Friday Night games back in high school. Also, reminds me of Wednesday morning practices at 6 am in college. The smell of the dew and the sight of the sunlight reaching across the fields. All of us knowing that we did not want to be there that early. Always brings back the good days of being young and excited about mornings. Brandon

crack of the bat
fireworks covering the sky
vendors yelling

ground ball to second
the outfielders
finishing their bouquet

Norman Mears

This haiku made me laugh. I have two boys who played t-ball. Neither of them loved playing the sport. They liked the uniform with their name boldly printed on the back of their shirt. They enjoyed the snacks that each mom would take turns providing. Their primary motivation for playing was to socialize as all the neighborhood kids were playing. I have spent countless hours sitting in my lawn chair cheering them on when they are up to bat. My oldest son was often chosen to play outfield. He would be the boy in this poem creating his bouquet. Memories of grass stained uniforms came to mind as I remember him rolling around in the outfield lost in his imagination. Jennifer

the pool boy sweeps
in the sun

red nose and wig
big shoes
ready for the party

Norman Mears

This one stuck out to me because of the red nose and big shoes. This is the story about a clown. One thing is that I do not care for clowns. They wear too much makeup and are always having a creepy smile on their face. The other big reason I do not care for clowns is because of the movie “IT”. This movie is about a creepy clown that lives in the sewer. I saw this movie at a young age and ever since I was never a fan of them again. Zach

full moon glowing
two lovers
separate their things

Norman Mears

train whistle
kids walking
under the stars

sun rising over trees
paperboy running
late for work

faded tie dye
two old hippies
share a joint

with blurred vision
I take
another drink

Norman Mears

This one really stood out to me because it's a real life situation. Everyone at sometime or another has had a little too much to drink. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't done this more than once in my life. This poem lets your mind wander as well. You could say that this specific person is having so much fun they don't want to stop drinking. You could also go the other way with it, such as drinking to forget the pain, or certain memories. When I read this my mind wanders to the darkside, probably because I've been there before. I once said I'm not drinking for the heck of it, but to numb heck of it. Hailey

of a long neck
in a tired hand

Thomas Friend

This Haiku brings me back to last summer, when I was working at the baseball fields all summer long. Then I would come back home during my break or for the night and grab a cold beer from the fridge. I think the chill of a long neck as the bottle's neck from the fridge and of course the tired hand is that of my own. Brandon

sitting on the porch
watching the rain
fall down

Nick Adams

bumpy dirt road
young kids
falling in love

Hailey Sharp

staring into the fire
to change the

Thomas Friend

I really like this one as well. This haiku relates to probably 95% of the entire human race. Nearly all of us at one time or another have looked into a fire, let our mind relax, and thought about things in our life that we really would have liked to change or at least done a little differently. The fact that this haiku is so universal and is relatable to so many people is probably my favorite part. By reading this one haiku in which so many people can relate makes a common thread between them all and in some small way, finds you all together. This causes me to feel a sense of unity with all these other people, though small it might beā€¦ Sean

chipped paint
the abandoned house

Nick Adams

too warm
in the sun a drowsy fly
on her tummy

dazzling morning sun
the slow wake
of her kayak

Randy Brooks

morning dew
a butterfly flitters
               to bloom

Jennifer Yeakley

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