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Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2017







the star light
holding tight — they dance
through the night

desert dawn
the bloom stretches
to the auburn light


the taste
     of rain
          on her lips

Thomas Friend

banjo in the background
lights flashing on stage
country music

they eat alone
every night

Nick Adams

Somehow, I missed this haiku written by Nick Adams the first time. I read it, read it again, and read it a third time to my wife. The word “alone” in this haiku, cannot be overstated enough. Sadly, I know of several couples mirror this haiku perfectly. So many people go through life choosing to be “alone together” for their whole life instead of fixing it. For me, this paints a picture of a husband and wife who have grown apart while raising their children and have failed to work on their marriage the process. The depth of the sadness of this haiku quite frankly, is haunting. Sean

walking together
we race
to love

dark sky
frosted pine cones
on the painting

door slam shut
girlfriend's pissed
see ya

Sean Dial

young teenage couple
whispering quietly

Sean Dial

that song
the summer before
freshman year

the stars guiding light
rippling waves
late night boat ride


Cardinals versus Rockies
loud crack
home run

Sean Dial

oily feathers pluck
the scarecrow's
last thought

Thomas Friend

black friday—
shopping on-line
from the food court

Jennifer Yeakley

brothers battling
pitch of the ball
ghost man on second

smiling pumpkin
inside candle lit

longing for school's last day
to make the forest
my home

Thomas Friend

stockings are hung
above the fireplace
chestnuts roasting



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