Haiku kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2017

summer day
fresh laid turf
ball rattling into a tin cup

morning dew
dead silent
the mission comes alive

great music playing
overpriced drinks
smiles all around

one by one
falling to the ground
autumn wind

the clock strikes midnight
quietly lying next to him
counting heartbeats

one foot in front of the other
hand in hand
we danced

arranged like jagged teeth
fathers, brothers, sons

taxi cabs drive by
lights not on

from my daughter's hand
a dandelion bouquet
in a crystal vase

Autumn night
tucked under a blanket
of stars

construction site
nothing left standing
but the porta potty

brand new dress
with matching shoes
she twirls

I sit on her lap
she loves me so

adding one chair
from the kid's table

sweltering heat
an open fire hydrant
water park for everyone

swimming pool empty
skate boards breaking
skaters on the halfpipe

sunshine gone
clouds rolling in
hurricane approaches

talking on the phone
Grandma saying goodbye
another angel in heaven

through parted trees
the grand ballroom

hunched against the cold
the yoga pants
travel in packs

it should have
come sooner
winter's first snow

Grandpa's handsaw worn smooth still fits like a glove in my hand

summer rain
wash the hurt away
     to begin anew

tearing down the highway
blue lights
Bonnie & Clyde

the small town struggles
grasping the truth

the smell of evergreen
walking the rows
Christmas tree

daddie's suitor candle
getting low
time to go

one more project and
the house is complete

old glory raised high
on the flagpole

song in my head
over and over
I hate that song

grilled cheese
cheese toasty
the great debate

orange and yellow sunrise
on the patio

still shoots true
barrel lost its blue
Grandpa's gun

the old white dog
head under your hand

Boston Tea Party
Boston Marathon
city united as one


© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.