Global Haiku • July 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brandon Suwanpratest

Sports Haiku

Brandon Suwanpratest

I write haiku about sports because sports have become a huge factor in my life. In all aspects of my life from, physical abilities to perform daily tasks and anything that requires my physical ability. Another aspect is mentally. My maturity level was increased during my times playing sports throughout my high school and into college. It teaches me to handle situations and respond with the proper reactions to somebody or something. Sports also helped me branch out and meet new people and some of my best friends, who created and shaped me into the person I am today.

summer day
fresh laid turf
ball rattling in a tin cup.

six seconds
between the whistles
Friday Night Lights

pine wood smell
echoes from the ball
nothing but net

calm waters
tension in the line
finally got a bite

game on the line
one more stop
D-Fence, D-Fence

everybody behind the line
we run then restart because—

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