Global Haiku • July 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Norman Mears


In the Basement

Norman Mears

Dedicated to: the supporters in my life, past and present.

This collection of haiku were written over a period of two months in the summer of 2017. Most of them were penned while sitting in silence and as the titles states, In the Basement. I chose to handwrite this collection in this form for the purpose of making it more of a personal feel. While sharing my haiku in the beginning, I was told that seeing my own hand written work, added to the feeling of the topics. At first I found that if I tried to write, it was hard to do. Yet, taking everyday moments and explaining them in a more simple form to put my reader in the same place I was, seemed easier. Finding the art of haiku has been a fun journey for me and I plan to continue this in the future.

Norman Mears

in the basement
hidden behind the boxes
grandfather's blackberry wine

full moon glowing
two lovers
separate their things

adding one chair
from the kid's table

flag on the shelf
never kissed the wind
but draped

eight zero eight
lottery winner
not my ticket


hamster wheel spinning
after midnight

red nose and wig
big shoes
ready for the party

around the campfire
we joke
about banjos

pepperoni pizza from Monical's
ranch dressing

ground ball to second
the outfielders
finishing their bouquet

second oldest park
finally seeing
the World Series


needle laid down
crackle of the vinyl
vintage is new again

ducky blow up
water wings
ready for the high dive

brothers battling
pitch of the ball
ghost man on second

her hair
before the treatments


crimson snow
laying quietly
the rabbit

never taken to church
adding names
to those of the past

yellowing yearbook pages
of those not so famous

in the mailbox
name and address
from long ago

grilled cheese
cheese toasty
the great debate

song in my head
over and over
I hate that song

wooden crosses
pets of the past

swaying along
flame of my lighter
raised high


© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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