Haiku Kukai 2 - Health & Movies

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2015

quick run
out of breath
she hits the ground

baskeball soaring
crowd going crazy
as we win the game

wobbly knees
heavy boxes
of golden trophies

working out
gained a 6 pack
the feeling of success

Michelle Obama
took my chips
the little girl cried

the buzzer rings
I dive into the water
6 more laps

last lap—
the bird passes me

and sweaty
na ma ste

forty pounds to lift
one bench press
broken toe

face feeling tight
peeling off the mask
the soft skin

soaring streaks
of black and white
the goalie fell

one lap ahead—
I fall to my knees
the bell chimes

eye contact—
I turn up the incline

sriracha sauce
mom made last night
regrets during the early morning run

bubble bath
the smell of lavender

looking at his arms
muscles as big
as my head

awkward stares
I walk it off

birds chirping
ball on the tee
he swings and misses

the brids chip
the song begins
Bright Eyes glued to the television

sunshine and fairytales
little girls whisper
the toad is prince charming

the smell of coffee
fills the air
Sparks novels lay on the table

lightning bolt
at first sight
the boy who lived

red hair
face full of freckles
the Weasley twins up to no good

a hero in black
follows the light
his next adventure

night sky
not a cloud in sight
Batman catches Two Face

she falls in his arms

crickets chirp on the river bank
a couple's soft chatter
of the future

unexpected hero
low class living
king of the swamp

where art thou?
blue grass banjo picker
down by the river

mother of the bride
her goose walk down
the aisle

faith trust pixie dust
she tries to fly

alarm sounds
red flashes
the thief is caught

an innocent outsider
grateful for time
an endless walk

a prolonged voyage
on a large and elegant ship
lovers depart

flying through the sky
the town is quiet
gun shots fired

twisting skies
whistling winds
as people take shelter

garage sale
ET goes home
with a new family

ten years pass
he sees his sweetheart
happily ever after

strawberry moon
her tin man
a little rusty

the smell of coffee
fills the air
Sparks novels on the table

curtains rise
music plays
the sound of point shoes

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.