Haiku Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2015

don’t waste time on love
she never liked you

demanding woman
pointing fiingers
shouts one black no ice


looking at her watch
she wonders
will I eat alone

a bright breeze
wisk my paper

cows . . .
talking to each other
inside the fence


rain falling
dressed in balck she mourns
her husband

black ears
white gloves
an empire of imagination

spring evening
I ask a gypsy in a carriage
about my future


tiny feet across a wood floor
off to work

wagging tail
happy yelps
the pup sees his master

a tower of secrets
blonde hair
flows in the wind


night sky
I lay in a sleeping bag
stick poking in my back

the best man's toast
a clink of glasses brings peace
to the mother of the bride

big waves come our way
I fall out
of the inner tube


a soul
for a soul
float in hades pool

looking at
alphabet soup
a search for answers

phones buzzing
tired eyes
monday came too fast




holding hands
just to see if she
wants to, too

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.